A little gratitude

October 28, 2016

I feel immensely thankful for the good things that have happened to me today. And I feel I must write about it lest I forget.
So I was at Pulau NTU trying to locate the office at NBS for my interview and hoping I wouldn’t have to spend too long looking for the place. 

I had been on 179, counting the number of stops and looking to get off at 'Hall 2' (as advised by dear Google Maps) which was supposedly the 6th stop… The problem was that the 6th stop was everything else but ‘Hall 2’. I panicked. Watching tons of people boarding and alighting from the bus, I decided I should alight too and get my bearings right before heading in any direction.
Upon alighting, I thanked my lucky stars that a map of NTU was right in front of me.
However, to my horror, I could not find NBS anywhere on it. I kept going over- once, twice, multiple times, pretty sure that it was in there somewhere. But it wasn't. Or maybe it was, just that I somehow missed it??? Watching people rushing to and from the buses, I wondered, who could I ask for help or would anyone help me at all?

Andddd I was real glad I approached this girl.

If not for her (I found out that her name was Amanda), I wouldn’t have been able to seek out the office all by myself. I swear Pulau NTU is a freaking maze. And the offices, a labyrinth themselves.
She offered to take me there and being afraid that it would be too out of the way for her, I almost declined. “My hall is nearby, so it’s ok!” While navigating the maze that NTU was, we chatted (Found out it was her first year at NBS!! ) and finally arrived at the doorstep of the office.

At that moment, I wanted to give her a BIG BIG HUG (but I didn’t as I was afraid she would not be comfortable with it). I was terribly touched that anyone would even offer to help this lost soul, and bring her ALL THE WAY, simply because she was worried that I would get lost again halfway.
Thank you so so much Amanda. I GOT THE JOB!!

You’ve been terribly kind and though I may not see you again, I hope that your kindness will be repaid (:

On a sidenote, I hate flats.
They were cutting into my feet so badly that after alighting at the bus stop beside my place, I whipped them off and walked home barefooted. Ahhh my feet never felt this good.
Then I bumped into my neighbours.
Backtrack a little, the interview went really well and I felt that the professor and I hit off (: You know when you meet some people and you kinda know that you both will get along? Yup, that!
Our schedules fit nicely, we have similar views and interests, AND SHE HAS A DOG. Terribly excited to embark on this research with her and I feel that I will learn a great deal from her. I don't know where I'm heading, but I know that my curiosity will never die.
Came across this pic and I just love it because it is very true.
I am an awfully blessed person and I know it (': 

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