Good Day? Bad Day?

August 30, 2016

After a lovely 2 week break, here's to kickstarting the final semester for this year with a series of (un)fortunate events.

1. Getting the chance to go through an fMRI scan
As part of this research I am participating in, I am to undergo 2 fMRI scans, in addition to other data I have to gather for them. This is the first scan, with the next scan being on the last session.
A brief background about fMRI and its uses. Basically, fMRI scans show which parts of the brain are being activated when certain tasks are carried out. Most experiements test on memory, cognition and language. They are considered as safe and non-invasive procedures. 

Being the curious Psychology student that I am, I leapt at the opportunity to be a subject in this research. Experiencing all these first hand beats reading about textbook examples of experiments!

Not so fun? The scanning process itself.
Let me tell you what's it like being in an fMRI machine. AGONY.
I lay on the scanner bed, ear plugs in, a head coil placed over my head and soft pads put in place to help hold my head in the correct position. A mirror was used to help present the different activities from a screen above. During the scanning, I was presented with the tasks to perform, each task typically lasts about five minutes. I had to lie very still the entire length of the scan.
Can't be that bad right? 
The whole ordeal lasted 1.5hours.

You are lying there without moving for 1.5 HOURS. Kill me.
I wasn't even allowed to close my eyes. Blinking is acceptable.
For one with a barely there attention span and a constant need to move (or at least fidget), my body didn't take to this too well. It protested, showing its displeasure with pins and needles, and numbness all over. I eventually got out alive, albeit a little scarred and disoriented. Not my idea of fun. At least I got a go at it.

2. Forgetting my Laptop because I was too busy playing Pokemon Go 

Which idiot does that right? I know, serves me right.
TRUTH: You will never think that it will happen to you until it does. You never know, one day it may happen to you when you are running off for that Mewtwo.

Boarded the bus home, only to discover WHERE IS LAPPY? Pressed the bell repeatedly, gestured to the driver, flew out of the bus and made a beeline for the security counter (another common occurrence for me). This is the part that drove me mad.

So.. As I enquired about my lost laptop, I left my number so they could call me back if anyone got wind of it.
Guard: Wait wait. Cannot. You need to fill in form.
Me: Flustered and wanted to check all the places I may have left it, but politely replied ok, sure.
Guard: *slowly tidies up his place*
Me: *going crazy*
Guard: Wait ah. (Shuffles around a little more). Ok you need to fill ALL this up ok. *Continues to look at the form*


Long story short, I filled up everything but the 'Where exactly did you lose it' blank.

Guard: You have to fill that in.
Me: I dont know.
Guard: (looks at me incredulously) How can you not know where you lost it?
Me: Well, I really don't. That's why I'm here.
Guard: I can't help you like that. 

Are you kidding me? He said it so nonchalantly and dismissively.
Yes, I know it's not your job to be nice, but I found this to be really rude. At this point, I was really upset and angry. All I wanted was to get my laptop back.

Me: Forget it then, I'll find it myself.
Guard: Then I won't submit for you the form ah. Because you don't know where you lost it.
Me: (curtly) If I knew, I wouldn't be here.

Some people just don't use their brains, or they don't have one?

Wanna hear some good news? Going back to the cafeteria (where I may have left my laptop), I approached the counter and enquired about my laptop. They suggested I try asking their office. GUESS WHAT.

The Uncle bussing the tables noticed that it had been left there for a while and passed it over to the office for safekeeping.

I almost cried when I said thank you to them, my voice barely holding together as I thanked the kind Uncle. Wanted to give him a hug, but afraid that he would find it inappropriate, so I kept thanking him. I didn't give a monetary reward as I felt that the act itself would cheapen. Offering my sincerest thanks was my way of showing my deepest gratitude, something which I felt he would appreciate. As I made my way out, he reminded me again not to forget it.

I won't.

Despite the less-than-ideal exchange with the guard, this incident also restored my faith in fellow humans. When I recounted this incident to my friends, they sighed and shook their heads.

My Fall resolution? Less trips to that lost and found counter.

Have a lovely week and let the wind blow all your troubles awayyyyy

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