Get up, pull yourself together and suck it up

June 07, 2016

"Why are they so short?" 
"Weird leh, her eyebrows end here," says Girl, pointing at the spot, a little away from the highest point of the eyebrow.

I looked up and realised they were talking about me.
The Indian lady threading my brows tapped me on the shoulder, signalling me to move off the seat.
Trying to keep calm, I walked to the mirror and examined the damage, all the while conscious of the gazes from the 2 girls who were watching me.

Why are they so thin??
Find a hole, find a hole. Hide hide hide.
Okay nope. Stay calm, stay calm. Act like you have the brows you wanted

Taking my time, I wiped the fallen hairs off my face and clothes.
Brushed my brows with my finger and ran a wet tissue over to darken them, hoping they would maybe hide the damage a little.

Whispering continues...

Keeping a blank face, I turned my gaze towards the girls.
Stare people. Stare.
Then I paid, said thank you, and walked out of the shop with my head held high despite desperately wanting to cover my face with a bag.

This reminded me of an America's Next Top Model video snippet I saw on Facebook. Alexandra, the model, tripped and fell down the stairs but stood up almost immediately and walked on fiercely. All seemed well until she got knocked off the runway by one of the swinging pendulums on the show. And she fell again, to the horrified gasps of her audience.

If that had been me, I would have been too mortified to continue. Yet, this brave girl got up once again, held her head high and finished her segment with grace and poise. She was visibly shaken during her interview after, and I really give it to her, for her professionalism and attitude through it all. What a trouper she is (': 

"Get up, pull yourself together and suck it up"
It's all you have to do sometimes when things aren't going your way, and these 2 incidences are a timely reminder to myself.

At the same time, I know I have a lot to be grateful for, and I make an effort to draw my attention to these instead.

On a happier note, while buying a peanut butter waffle to comfort myself, the auntie gave me an EXTRA CRISPY waffle, with CRUNCHY peanut butter. 

My day is made.

PS: the hole in my brow doesn't look very obvious here as I have applied some coconut oil on it, and it smoothes the brow hairs. Then again, they are horribly sparse.
Suck it up and move on (:

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