When your flight gets cancelled

May 02, 2016

3 weeks ago, we explored Jogja aka Yogyakarta, and boy it sure was an eventful trip.

Eventful because our flight back to Singapore was cancelled. Imagine being stranded at the airport, knowing you had a presentation the next day, and your bf was starting his first day at a new job. I think that's enough to send you into a panic attack. Thankfully my bf is a calm guy. This was very reassuring for me. After the initial first 10 mins of shock, both of us were like OKAY LET'S-DEAL-WITH-THIS-SHIT. Our Indo friends were THE BEST - settling the payment for the booking of another flight out of Surabaya, driving like GTA to get us to the other terminal in time for our flight (the terminal is like a 15 min drive away, we booked at 2125 n our flight is at 2150), checking in with us. Gawd if I was alone, I would probably be in hysterics.

The dreaded words
Sped from T2 to T1 
 of Juanda Airport to take a domestic flight from Surabaya to Jakarta.

Arriving safely in Jakarta and waiting for the free shuttle bus to Terminal 2D
Airport turmac to terminal 2E > Shuttle Bus from 2E to 2D

Updating our friends on the situation, checking our flight details, emailing the company (for him)

Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, our house for the night

Breakfast at the airport while waiting for our flight back to Singapore.
Sent this pic to my sis when she asked why I wasn't back in Singapore hahaha.

The next post will be less dreary n filled with pics (;

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