Kayak to Ubin

May 11, 2016

I have a Nutrition paper which I ought to be studying for tomorrow, but I am such a procrastinator. Pretty sure most of us are. 

Last Saturday, the Boyfriend and I paddled over to Pulau Ubin from Changi, with a group of his 1 Star students. For those who don't know, Ubin is just off the coast of Singapore. I was excited. It was my first time paddling with him in a Doubles. I was scared as well. He is a 4 star kayaker with plenty of sea experience. Naturally, I kept thinking I would be a burden to him. Overthinker, I know hahaha. Glad that I worried myself for nothing and everything turned out great. I was elated to be spending time with him, after not seeing him for so long.

Paddling to the Floating Restaurant for lunch 

We docked at the Kelongs for lunch
 Kelongs are offshore platforms, and most are made of wood

Exploring the kelongs 

We sat outside, IN THE HOT SUN to have our lunches which we had brought before paddling.
Why were we outside? 
Because the owner of the Floating Restaurant wasn't the friendliest person around, so to avoid being chased out for bringing our own food, we decided to get out first.
Chilling at Ubin Village

Guess I gotta get around to revision again. LAST PAPER! Wish me luck (;

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