Jogja Trippin

May 02, 2016

Continuing from my previous post

Summer sem is almost over, with only a paper left. Finally found time to blog about my trip to Jogja. 4D3N, it is never enough, but I'm glad it happened.

1. Mangunan

This place is beautiful. We left the hostel at 3am and made our way here to catch the sunrise.

2. Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Honestly speaking, there was nothing much at Sri Gethek Waterfall. 
We bouldered up the rocks and explored the area, but there really isn't anything much to see here. 

3. Goa Pindul (Cave Tubing)

Didn't have much pictures here as I was too busy enjoying myself. 
Check out the vid above if you wanna see more of our cliff jumping and tubing experience (:

4. Kalibiru

The scenery is breathtaking here. Access to the platforms are charged, and the most popular platform has a waiting time of 2 hours. We didn't want to wait so we went for a platform that had a shorter queue. 
Alternatively, you can climb over the ledge, balance on it like what Kings did and just make sure you don't fall off. Unless you can fly.

 5. Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo (Sand Boarding)

I had an AWESOME time here. It was soooo much fun. More in my video (:

6. Malioboro

Last but not least, the famous Malioboro, a major shopping street in Yogyakarta. We reached Malioboro a little late so most of the shops were closing. I don't feel like I missed out much since I'm not much of a shopper.

Photos and videos can only say so much, capturing certain aspects of the trip but not everything. 
Things like when I lost my footing a couple of times on the mossy rocks when bouldering at the waterfall. I could have died had I not dug into the soil or clung onto an adjacent rock. Either way, I would have either tumbled down the cliff, or got swept by the current. I was lucky I only had bruises and cuts.

Events like reaching the airport, and only then, knowing that your flight got cancelled

However, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. It was through the chaos and uncertainty that I knew I could depend on Kings, and this strengthened our relationship. I know my Gangsta Squad has my back and I'm excited for our next trip.

Watch out Bali, we're coming.

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