Bangkok Trippin

May 28, 2016

Long overdue post of our Bangkok trip from 13-17 May.
Never wanna forget those memories so I compiled our snaps/videos into a clip (:

Bangkok, the land of smiles. 
The food and people were amazing, but the weather? Not so. Hotter than Singapore? YES.
36 degrees felt like 39 degrees *faints*

DAY 1: A Day of Searches

Finding Roast
Brunch @ Roast 

 Finding Studio 62, our apartment.
I have nothing but praise for the staff at Studio 62.
Sincere and genuine, the managers of Studio 62 were always warm and friendly, often willing to go the extra mile to help us.
 Plus they are knowlegeable on the best way to get around.
Cleanliness (of rooms n corridors): 5/5
Service: 5/5
Cosyness: 5/5
Only downside? It's a little far from the BTS. 
Best way to get around? Cab to BTS Bangchak Station and go on your merry way with the BTS.

Take it from the people who trekked the whole way from Bangchak Stn, carrying our load under the blistering sun. It's no joke having to walk to n fro the apartment everyday from Bangchak. 
Just take a cab, save time, save your poor body. Its only about 39 baht (~1.50 SGD).
 I love the sun, I do, but the weather was too much to handle.

Finding Platinum Fashion Mall
No pics here as I was so exhausted from our adventure in the day. 
Plus, the array of clothes (for girls) at Platinum were OVERWHELMING. 
For one who dislikes Bugis and gets tired just shopping for clothes, this place was not my favourite place to be at. 
I barely made it through, and needless to say, I didn't get anything from here. Ooops. 
What kind of girl hates shopping right? Cheeeaap cheeaaap somemore you know? I know.

Finding a cab and/or a tuktuk 
We were at Siam Mall but NONE of the cabs or tuktuks wanted to send us back to our place, without overcharging us. Basically we were picked up by a cab, dropped off back at the same place, picked up by another, *press repeat*. 
Same thing with the TukTuk (P.S. Tuktuks rides are terribly thrilling. Love it.)
In the end? We took the BTS back. All that abandoning could have crushed us. BUT WE ARE STRONG GRRRR.

DAY 2: Day of Shopping Paradises (for me)

Paradise #1: Chatuchak Weekend Market
Omg I love this place. 
The clothes here are mostly stuff I would wear, and I got quite a few buys.
Only complaint? THE SWELTERING HEAT.

 Mi bodyguards
#FYI The pictures do not reflect how hot it was.

Paradise #2: Union Mall
Shopping in Bangkok
Didn't take a picture here so here's one from another site for you to visualize.

Reasons I love this place:
- Neater, more organized, less chaotic compared to Platinum
- Goods are of higher quality
- I found stuff I wanted here <-- Most important point 

Dinner at Mangkorn Seafood Buffet
at only 399 baht, its an all you can eat.
Whole fish, crabs, clams, scallops etc. No oysters though.
Half of what I ate were the fried rice and fried noodles.
As you can see, it's not value for money bringing me to have seafood. 
My friends loved it though so its all good (:

Checking out the Thai club scene. 
Heard ONYX is one of the best and I quite like the vibe there.
Check out the vid for the cool light effects

- Chao

 Day 3: Day of Chill
 Khao San Road
Very touristy. 
The other part of Khao San has all the dining options, while this part peddles all the tourist goods.
It was here I got scolded for the first time in BKK by a shop owner. 
In my defence, he wasn't even Thai, Pakistani maybe, who got angry when I tried to ask if he could lower it a bit more.
I was shaken but eventually you just brush it off n move on.
We tried a Fried Scorpion. Nope. Just nope.

New favourite spot. Love love love the ambience here. 
Just look at the pictures and you'll understand why.

I'm missing the place all over again :'(

Day 4: Day of Spirituality

This was the day where we were disappointed in humanity. What happened?
After our cab dropped us off at the door step of Wat Pho Temple, a Thai man approached us cheerily asking if we're here to visit the temple. He then proceeded to scrutinize our attire, telling us we have to cover up here and there. Chattering non-stop in rather fluent English, he told us that he regrets informing us that today is Buddha Day and the temple was holding ceremonies so we couldn't enter until later at 2pm (it was 1pm then). Without stopping to catch his breath, he whipped out a map and told us to take a tuktuk to the pier and take a 1hr boatride, and by the time its done, the temple would be open again. 
"I just want to promote my country, that's why I'm doing this"

Spoiler: Lies lies lies.
His phone rang, "Office is calling me, I gotta go back"
Right at that moment as if on cue, a Tuktuk swings by and the Man hails it immediately. Bending over to talk to the driver, he says that the driver will bring us to the pier for only 20 baht.
Taking advantage of our confusion at the sudden turn of events and unfamiliar directions, he bundled us all into the Tuktuk.
We were brought into this little alley that didn't look like a proper pier at all. 
I think at that time, all of us had the nagging suspicion that we just got scammed.
The boatsmen at the "pier" haggling with us to take the boatride for 600 baht further confirmed it.
Indignant, we walked away. At the same time, another Tuktuk ferrying a Caucasian couple whisked into the alley. Followed by another.
We stopped a cab and found out that we got lied to. The driver then took us to Wat Pho and indeed, that man had lied to us. It was really disappointing as that Man appeared so genuine and helpful.
Blacksheeps everywhere *sigh*

Wat Pho Temple aka Temple of the Reclining Buddha
Wat Pho is the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in Bangkok, famous for its 46m gold-plated Reclining Buddha.

A comparison to show how large this statue was

 See you on the other side
So anyways, we got caught in the rain and camped under the roof of an unused function hall while waiting for the rain to stop.

 Wat Arun aka Temple of the Rising Sun
I still preferred Wat Pho to Wat Arun in terms of having more things to explore and see.

This guy stood there for quite awhile and just so happened a flock of birds flew by so *snap*

On the boat ride to...

Note: Not my photo
To give you a better idea of how it looks like at night (: 
It's beautiful.
The stuff here are not very cheap though, but it's a tourist spot so it's expected.

 Day 5: Day of Feels
We were flying back to SG, so no surprise we all felt a little emotional.
This was my first time to BKK and I'm grateful that we had each other. Not all that we did are stated here because some memories are only meant for us, and us only. 

Till our next trip (:

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