Conversation with a Stranger

January 27, 2016

The world is a nicer place when we all talk, and ask about each other.

On the bus, on the train, going to school, going to work. 
We all have our earpieces plugged in, immersed in our world.
To avoid conversation, to be left alone, to make time pass easier.

I didn't put my earpiece on today. 
The bus was moving on from Ngee Ann.
She turned to me, hesitantly.
"Is there rivalry between Ngee Ann Polytechnic and SIM?"
She was in her mid-fourties, from UK, and was here to visit her daughter,
a teacher.
She's here for another fortnight.

We talked,
about many things. 
About me, about her.
About turkey, about my education, about where she's heading.
We talked.

"BPP is 5 stops from here, a lot of people will alight."
"I will look out for it then"
"I'm getting off here. Take care and enjoy your time here"
"Thank you. All the best to you dear, 
it was lovely talking to you."

I'm glad I didn't put on my earpiece.

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