Paddles Up

May 29, 2015

Paddles Up'15
22-24 May

3 days and 2 nights filled with memories, fun, mosquito bites and lots of sunnnnn
The awkward gang (expended). 
My trip wouldn't have been the same without them HAHAHA
Meet my kayaking partner.
If not for you, I think I would be still stranded at sea. 
Thanks Reuben (:
Ladies, Mr Yap is single and ready to mingle. 
PM me if interested (;
I missed you jy!!!!
Meet the Game Group. Filling our free time with animals and 3-ups. HAHA
It's a PJ partyyyy!
Came home near midnight to see this sitting on my table. It made me feel so loved hehe. 
Thanks Chiennnnnn <3

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