Dreams and broken peace

March 21, 2015

I am wide awake and alert.
No, not because of a bad dream, though I did have a dream.
What kind of dream?
I dreamt that my driving instructor was nagging at me after looking through the mistakes I made during my Practical Driving Test. As he went down the list with an edge of ___ in his voice, my irritation grew. I could not be bothered to hide my annoyance and snapped back with frustration.

The scene then jumped to the petrol station where Chien suddenly appeared by the window at the driver's seat, where my instructor was seated. (Note: Car was parked outside the convenience store in the opposite direction. Only found out on hindsight.) She was so carefree and confident when leaning her head into the car, talking to my driving instructor as if they were friends, and asking for the return of $1.20 that he borrowed from her. (What on earth??)

It was then when I woke up, panicking as I thought that I had overslept for school, having not set an alarm before going to bed. On hindsight, this dream may be a representation of worries that have been plaging my mind, despite me not being aware of it. My fear for my second practical test and intolerance for my instructor's condescending tone has always been in my subconscious, adding undue stress on worry onto my chaotic mind. Chien's presence by the side of the car had a reassuring and calming effect on me, and her appearance in the dream may be due to the fact she has always been the mediator at home, diffusing some tense situation and that I always look towards her for comfort. The scene where she asked for $1.20 back? It may have been $1.70 instead, I cannot remember exactly but that is not important. That part of my dream may have stemmed from the part of my mind which is subconsciously remembering the amount that some people have not paid me back for Noel's birthday.

And now, my morning peace has been broken with the awakening of the Bothersome Queen. As she belts out irrelevant and insignificant questions, the peaceful lake in me ripples, and the quiet peace is broken. The day is no longer mine alone.

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