Moshi n Shiro Adventures: Into the Garden

February 14, 2015

I love the weekends because it's when I can pick up my camera and do some shooting (:

I've always wanted to do a photography adventure series but since I'm always stuck here in Singapore, that's not very feasible. Instead, I got some inspiration from other photographers and decided to explore using my two leads, Shiro and Moshi. 

Brief Intro
Shiro and Moshi were given by my sister's boyfriend as a souvenir from Macau and I simply adore them. My sis named hers Moshi and I named mine Shiro (Japanese for white). I guess you can figure out whose is whose right hahaha.

Shiro (left) and Moshi (Right)

Moshi n Shiro Adventures: Into the Garden 

and a very happy Valentine's Day to everyone (:

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