What the Creep...

January 08, 2015

Having a mental block right now, where I can't seem to think quite well and I'm feeling all sorts of listlessness. Time to put thoughts to words so they aren't all just floating around aimlessly in my head, cluttering up the space. Heard of Disk Cleanup?

So, I was down at Clarke Quay yesterday, spending time by the riverside boat watching. Had a lot of time as I was to meet a seller at Redhill at 6.30pm and it was only 4 plus. There I was, enjoying the peace and the sun while staring into nothingness when this guy suddenly came and sat down abruptly beside me. After apologizing for startling me, he asked if I was okay. I replied yeah and smiled, then turned away from him, thinking he would just sit there in his own space while I kept mine.


At first I thought he was just trying to be friendly, striking up a conversation with the usual- What's your name, how old are you, where are working/studying etc.
What he did next made me a littleee bit more uncomfortable - 
Him:You wanna sit nearer to me? Makes it easier to talk. 
*gestures me to move beside him*
Me: *refuses to move* so I just smile.
Him:You here alone?
Me: Erm actually I'm waiting for a friend (which I wasn't but he didn't need to know that)

Him: Oh friend or boyfriend?
Me: Friend (nervous laughter)
Him: So you don't have a boyfriend? Well, I can be your boyfriend.
Him: Kidding, I'm just trying to be friendly here. 
But I'm your friend right? We can be friends right, so I'm your bf. 
So you don't have any male friends you are like you know, any potential?
Me: I have a lot of boyfriends (trying to avoid his qn)
Him: Don't be creeped out ah, just trying to be friendly here. You okay with it right.

Things start to get a tad creepy...
Him: Are you an open-minded person? 
At this point of time, he was STARING at my thighs and I was getting really uncomfortable.
Me: I'm conservative (hoping he won't get any funny ideas)

Him: Hey want to move into the shade? It's getting hot.
Me: Oh, I like the sun. That's why I'm sitting here.

Then, came the real CREEPY part.
Him: So, which part of your body do you like best?
*Openly looking at me up and down*
Me: Erm my eyes or my smile?
Him: No no, which part of your body do you like? You don't like any part?
Me: *silence*
Him: You have a nice body. You look nice.
Me: Er thanks.
Him: Not trying to sexualise you, you know. *mumbles something which I didn't catch*
But can fantasize right haha. Fantasizing only uh.
Me: *forced smile* to be polite.
Him: Don't be creeped out uh.


As he left, I just stared straight ahead and didn't even turn around to see where he went.
Only after a while did I dare to glace around slowly to scan the area for him.
To be safe, I pretended to answer a call on my phone, speaking loudly.
"Oh hey! You are here already? Okay okay see you."

JUST IN CASE. You never know.

I think I'm really lucky that he didn't make any indecent move on me before he decided to let me have my peace alone. But I was so unsettled, afraid he would decide to come and sit beside me again and so I left.
I really liked just sitting there in the sun though...

Since it was STILL early, I spent the rest of the time sitting in Central itself, all the time scanning the area nervously for a man in a green shirt. Gawd, I was so jittery urgh.

When it was about time to leave, I dropped by Juggernaut to get my gloves and toiletries before heading down to Redhill. 
At Juggernaut...
On my way up to the female lockers, I popped by the reception to let them know I'm just here to get my stuff.

Arvind (Boss of Juggernaut): Wait, what did you say you were getting again?
Me: My gloves?
Arvind: How long have you left them here?
Me: Erm, a month...? *embarrassed*
As I watched Arvind's face change...
Me: Please don't tell me you guys threw it away *horrified*
Arvind: I think you'd better check.

Waved my gloves at Arvind on the way down, grinning hahaha.

Surprised that Arvind still remembers me. I think it's because I accidentally punched him a couple of times during shadow boxing haha. Oh and they are moving to a new location which has a bigger gym!! However, I may not head back once school starts :(

As I was STILL early, I ended up taking the train down to Buona and back to Redhill just to enjoy the air-conditioning.
Anyways the seller was real friendly, teaching me how to use the extension tubes in case I wasn't sure.

That marks the end of my eventful day hurrr hurrr.
On hindsight, maybe I should have played along with that creep to see what he would do.
Anyways it was in broad daylight and there were people around so it would be safer I guess?
At most I could just kick him...

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