UB Spring 2015 Orientation

January 22, 2015

Officially a student for the Spring intake of 2015 at UB whoop whoop!
The 2D1N orientation was the most laid-back camp I've ever participated in. By laid-back, I don't mean that it was boring, but rather one that was relaxed and had at a leisurely pace. In a sense, it was refreshing because all other camps I have been to were much more intense and there was a lot of hype, running around and cheering ALL THE TIME.

For this Spring, our orientation theme was the GRECIAN CRUSADE. The battle between the Olympians  (House of Olympus) and the Titans (House of Tartarius)

Saw a few more familiar faces at the camp other than Renuka (my fellow YFA!), Yingshuang and Felicia. How I knew Yingshuang was there was rather funny as Renuka was telling me how she was waiting for her friend who was her JC classmate and now they were in the same OG. When she mentioned her name, I went OMG yingshuang?! I KNOW HER. It is a small Singapore (:

Sidenote: Didn't take much photos cos I was trying to stay away from technology and just spend time with people around me (:


Our house cheer. HAD A DAMN HARD TIME TRYING TO REMEMBER IT. Don't know why I got chosen to lead the cheer (together with Benedict and a few others from the OGs of Tartarus) I have the most monotonous voice... hahaha


Sleeping bunks.
I slept DAMN WELL. When I heard that camp was at Sarimbun, I was prepared to freeze at night and to be devoured by sand flies and mosquitoes because that was what happened the last time I was there. 
THANKFULLY, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. This camp was at the Sarimbun Scout Camp while my previous camp was at MOE Jalan Bahtera campsite. The Sarimbun Scout Camp had mosquito nets in place at our bunks so pests be gone!

(also quite chillax)
On the first day of orientation, I was pretty early but 2 others from my OG were already there. One of them was Shanice. I was a little scared of her initially as she didn't look very friendly HAHA. But things changed when we started talking. Couldn't believe that we were both from netball and were under the same coach! Like, what are the odds man. Without her, orientation wouldn't have been half as fun. Seriously, I think we both make each other laugh too much. Spent our bus ride to Sentosa reminiscing about our netball days and found out we both really missed netball even though we play other sports now.  

 From personal experience, I feel that the people whom you meet during orientation can really make or break your orientation experience and how you start your journey in your new environment.

MEET OG 4 of Tartarus House... KRONOS!


Just tried on the UB tee and found out I got a size too big...
I can wear it as a dress?! 
Anyone wants to exchange their size S for my size M? :(

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