The Diary Woes

January 08, 2015

I have dreamed of having a Kikki K. diary for a long time and now I have it!! 
Those who know me should know how particular I am about my notebooks and planners haha. I will only use it if I like the feel and texture of the book and paper, colour schemes, format, etc. Theres's a connection to all my notebooks or I won't be using them. Sorry, that's just a quirk of mine. [You can read about them here if you want to: and scroll all the way down to Notebook Fanatic] Welcome to the fam baby (:

Kikki K's Diaries never fail to please me with the quality and feel of the paper. The colours are really pleasing and the whole look feels clean and simple.

Before this, I never had a Kikki K Diary because it was much too expensive. The reason I could afford this was because someone was selling it at a lower price as she received 2 of the same diaries for Christmas.
Initially, I ordered and made payment for this other Planner from Qoo10.
It's features where exactly what I wanted and needed, and it was much much cheaper than one from Kikki K too!

But guess what. It never came.
I was angry and disappointed. A day or two after payment was made, the status shown was: On Delivery
Like an excited kid, I checked the mailbox everyday waiting for it to come. It wasn't until I saw that my order was refunded on 5th Jan with the stupid reason saying that item was OOS.
WHAT. How can it go out of stock after payment was made? I got really pissed because a week before, Kikki K was having a major sale with about $10 off their diaries but I didn't get them since I had already ordered one from Qoo10. AND I BADLY NEEDED ONE.

Okay so I was somewhat appeased at being about to get the Kikki K diary at a lower price from a seller but kinda upset I couldn't get the planner I ordered because I preferred it's layout. Still, at least I got one of my alternatives I wanted. Gotta be thankful for that.

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