"72km" of cycling fun

January 22, 2015

 A dedication post to my FitFam about our cycling trip last Dec as requested by Xuan Zheng (:
 When Wan Qing and I read the whatsapp from Xuan Zheng that we were going to cycle 72km, we were like OMG we're going to die. But we still went. Turns out it was a typo THANK GOODNESS. We headed down to Xuan Zheng's place before heading out on our cycling adventure.
It wasn't long after we set out from his place when grey clouds gathered. Out came our billowy ponchos. Mine was a yellow one so I looked like a duck HAHA,
Needless to say, we got caught in a heavy storm so we took shelter at a small hut near the Singapore Sports School while the storm raged on. As we sat waiting, the guys shared their army anecdotes as we listened on sometimes in awe, sometimes in disbelief but overall, in fascination.

Seeing the vast empty patch of land stretched out right in front of me, I felt the deep urge to spread my arms like they were wings and take to the wide open skies. I resisted doing that in front of people. But if I were alone, I would have ran across the vast grassland with my arms spread out wide, pretending I was a free bird.
The 2 guys pondering about life hahaha

Yay our group shot!!

Sorry I don't have anymore photos cos I accidentally deleted them when my phone ran out of memory :(

Anyways after that, we headed on to the famous (I didn't know about it though HAHA) Sembawang Hot Springs where many come to enjoy some of the hot spring waters from underground. Since I don't have pictures, let me try to describe it to you.

 Upon entering, the smell of sulfur greets you. You see steam everywhere, rising up from the taps and from plastic buckets gathered around the taps, filled near to the brim with hot water. You grab a chair and settle down. Reaching for the nearest bucket, you take a swipe at the water testing the heat before using whatever water you have on your hand to scrub off the grime on your legs. You keep at it until you see that the black oil grease is gone, then you move on to the other leg. Satisfied at last, you lean back in your chair and take in the sulfur scented air, watching an old uncle taking a nap nearby. A while later, you hear excited chatters and you see a family carrying pails making their way to one of the taps. With the children in bathing suits, you think they look more like they were heading to the beach. Elsewhere, others were sitting with their legs soaking in pails and you wonder if anyone washes them. You look at the bucket beside you and cringe.

After the refreshing wash up, we cycled back to Xuan Zheng's place for dinner, prepared by his sister. Good old simple fare that was delicious (:
After was just chilling at his place while we discussed many things, among that Christianity and others but mostly Christianity.

Thanks Xuan Zheng for hosting and lending us your bikes!! See you again FitFam. To more adventures (:

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