TNP Big Walk 2014

December 02, 2014

Heyyos! It's been a while since I filled my blog with pictures and I'm back with more!

Fun in the sun (: 
We were suppose to be at Nicoll Highway Station by 7am BUT as usual, we were late.
 I overslept and so did the guys, I think. 
However, our resident late queen was EARLY and ON TIME.
I only woke up when she called me hahaha. 
Felt so bad to have kept her waiting for us but I think I got there in like 50 mins after her call? Not bad right HAHA.

And guess what, though we were late, there were tons more later than us...

When we got to the start line, they were actually taking it down already and the guy there looked at us and said, "You guys are early ah."
Damn funny.

Welcome to my magical forest!

We are standing ON THE EXPRESSWAY!!

Singapore Flyer (:

Look at this two, enjoying their time together by the road.

 Can describe how happy I was to be walking on the road hahaha
I wanna hitch a ride too haha

 See that auntie at the bottom left hand corner? Seeing that we only had four people, she put herself inside too hahaha. Missing Darren here or it would have just right :(

I dropped my little lenses and thankfully it wasn't into the water.
The rest kept saying how they would laugh if I dropped in cause of the way I was bending over the edge hahaha.


Paint me like one of ya french ladies

Ever so photogenic ^^

Chao just won't leave me in peace to take a pic...

Got it in the end hahaha

Love our happy faces here!!! 

Chao always has this pedo face...

This was damn funny. We kept arguing over whether it was a horse or cow HAHAHA.

 Our pre-lunch at Strictly Pancakes!

Went to Nandos for lunch to use our free 1/4 chicken voucher.
I love nandos hahaha.
No pics cause we were all damn shag and dying haha.
Good to see you all again :>

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