SEA Aquarium, where fishes go bloooop

October 05, 2014

 Hello and happy Sunday!!

It's been more than a week since I've blogged but I finally got my lazy fingers typing again.
Had an enjoyable time at the SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa with my primary school classmate of six years! (We were in the same class for all 6 years, can you believe it?)

Everything was great except for the crowds. I really dislike crowds but I guess it was expected because it's a Sunday.

Also, I had no idea there were dolphins over here at the aqurium! Oh gawd, I can't describe fully in words how mesmerized I was by their playfulness, agility and gracefulness while frolicking in the water. I could spend hours just sitting there staring at them and I'm definitely not the only one. With every turn and jump, the visitors oooh-ed, aah-ed and gasped in wonder. I have no pictures of them as I was too entranced by their presence. As much as I love seeing them here, I do feel sad because they ought to be out in the open sea, frolicking freely instead of going round and round the exhibit.

For the rest of the exhibits, I will just let the photos do the talking
Don't be fooled by such innocent faces. Kids are fierce, jostling and pushing me away just to get a better glimpse of their scaly friends while poor me meekly backs off.
Just look at the girl with the victory sign after she casually inches her way through 
(Note: I bear no malice against little humans)

 I can never get enough of the look of amazement on the faces of children. They are awed and amazed by almost everything and anything.

 This reminds me of the underwater travellator belt tunnel at Underwater World, but this is much more beautiful with clear glass and a greater array of fish.


 Can you see the blurred image of two fishes encircling each other?

  Spy the little camouflaged critter 

Initially, I thought these were not the real thing on display. However, they were moving and we both were shocked and a little weirded out to see these here..

Jared thinks they are too clingy hahaha!

Don't they remind you of red blood cells?

Took a picture of this because apparently, it is the perfect Spongebob Squarepants jellyfish shape (according to him haha)

Spongebob sure looks real happy here

Hey Nemo, ya lookin fine

Clownfishes are such lovable fishes haha

Jared calls this the 'Bimbo fish' and I couldn't agree more. I mean, just look at it. BIMZ

Finally caught sight of the sharks near the end and someone kept trying to look for his 'Large shark'. I felt that some were already the biggest in the tank but he goes, "No, that's medium." That boy... 

Looking forward to the weekends again after he completes the upcoming Scorpion King exercise outfield (:

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