OCS Social Night: Sierra 9614

October 15, 2014

14/10      Tuesday
In the midst of trying to figure what to do with my hair and face, my phone rang and the screen lit up
"Hey, I'm downstairs."
You guys had no idea how flustered I was because I am hopeless at makeup and styling my own hair. 
In the end, I decided to go au naturale. (I'm really not into make-up haha) Grabbed my heels, straightened the dress, tried to make my hair look better and I was down in 5.

Mr Tang escorted me to the car, where Papa Tang was waiting.

As Jared wasn't the one driving, we weren't allowed to drive up to the wing. So Papa Tang dropped us off at Carpark I and from there, we walked in to the venue. Thank goodness Jared had the good sense to get me to bring along my slippers to change into. I actually saw some who were walking slowly with their skyscrapers and felt a little sorry for them because I would have died if I walked all the way in my 4.5 inch heels. I have no problem walking in my heels, just that it's torturous to be in them for almost 4 hours hahaha.

The guys had to head up to their bunks to change into their uniform and so the girls had to wait downstairs for them. Thankfully, it was air-conditioned in the briefing room where I waited. I can't tell you how awkward I was because other girls came with their friends and they were having their own little conversations and so being me, I just sat there and looked around while one by one, the boys came to collect their dates, until there were just 3 of us left. 

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the 2 girls waving at me and saying hello and I found out they were saying hi because they saw me with Jared, who waved to one of their dates earlier. They were pretty friendly and I was glad to have some conversation. I found out that their dates were not their boyfriends but their senior or a friend, which happens to be the case for most of the dates here. One of the girls kept referring to her date as the Angmoh, which happens to be the one that Jared waved to.

Upon registering, we got doorgifts.
A sand glass bottle with a tag to it and mine read something like: Sir, asked me to bring a date to social night and I brought you because you are gorgeous (Couldn't remember the exact words but it was something alone those lines)
Persuaded Jared to keep it and use it as a paperweight or something cause I wouldn't know what to do with that haha.
The other door gift was this neat looking organizer cum diary planner that had the Sierra logo embossed at the front. I really liked it a lot and I would definitely use that but Jared wanted to keep it so... :(

Anyways! Welcome to OCS Social Night at SAFTI

It really wasn't as scary or as formal as I expected it to be, which immediately put me to ease. So for the first hour or so, we walked around and he introduced me to his platoon mates and stuff. It was nice getting to know his platoon mates and put names to faces. Also, we met his Sir, who looked pretty young but is married. However his wife could not come down today and when Jared asked when would they get to meet his wife, he replied,"Only after you all commission, then you add me on Facebook."

Mr Tang went crazy over the Éclairs hahaha
Can you believe it?? THERE'S SALMON SASHIMI 
and octopus (didn't really care for the octopus though)
At the sashimi table, he just kept piling my plate with sashimi because he didn't want to give his friend any and I could not help laughing because it was so funny to watch the both of them.

Performance by two of his platoon mates!

Another performance by another Platoon

Video montage

Fellow PJ peeps below!
Met Dashan and Hazelina there as well, both lookin fine 
As usual, Dashan towers over me and I look like a little kid haha

Below are the group photo shots with his platoon (: 
and the one wearing the blue star specs is his Sir.

Fellow Nan Hua-rians! Although I saw quite a few of them there, didn't manage to take with them all.
Fellow Sport Leader, Yuxuan (:

 Merilyn! Keep seeing her around when I go to different places hahaha

Really glad that Papa Tang came down to pick us up so we didn't have to take the chartered buses to Jurong East and jostle for cabs haha.

Apart from the ache on my sole (it's gone now), it was an enjoyable experience. It definitely helped that Jared was so considerate and all (:
Thank you Jared, for inviting me as your date to social night! (:

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