Meeting up with Jy (:

October 12, 2014

9/10   Thursday
Finally met up with Jy as she had to do some last minute shopping.
It was really great to see her again after so long!

Lunch was Vietnamese food at Pho Street. We have been there previously and we're back again because the food is pretty decent.
We both ordered the same thing (some roasted meat __ in peanut sauce)

Mine came first but Jy's took quite a while to come. 

It was actually quite funny because when Jy's order hadn't arrive after a while, I told Jy,
"I think they forgot your order..." and we were both debating whether to ask them about it or wait a little longer. In the end, we asked.
After checking, the waitress was apologetic and went to inform the kitchen. When the dish finally came, I went "Eh, where are your spring rolls?" 
The dish was suppose to come with fried spring rolls but even after digging through the noodles, there were none to be found.
At the same time, I said,"I think they forgot your peanut sauce too."
The main reason she ordered that dish was for the peanut sauce hahaha.
 And so, we tried to make eye contact with the waitress again.
I wish I could describe the waitress's reaction when she saw that there was no sauce, it was really funny and both of us burst out laughing.

At first, we were a little put off by the absentmindedness of the cook but then we were informed that it was her first day.
Jy and I looked at each other and laughed,"Orh, first day."
-All was forgiven-

If you are there, you gotta try their Summer Rolls. 
It is soooo good, light and refreshing.
I would have had more of these if it wasn't $4.50 for 2 rolls haha.

 Inside, there's lettuce, carrots, vermicelli, prawns and I think I taste basil leaves.
The vegetables were crunchy while the prawns were fresh. Wish I could have moreeee

Heading to Isetan, we had a feastful for the eyes! 
Got persuaded by Jy to try and pose because I am really awkward and I have no idea how to pose for photographs hahaha.
Thanks Jy for making me feel more relaxed and just taking a candid shot (:

 Headed off to play badminton with the Eden peeps after. 
No pics cause I was having too much fun playing hahahha.

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