Early birthday celebration for the youngest

October 12, 2014

11/10      Saturday
Hello guys and happy Sunday to all (:
Yesterday was a real tiring yet fun day, spending some quality time with the family to celebrate the sis's birthday (didn't matter that her birthday was two weeks later hahaha)
Finally got on the ice after so long! I just love ice skating because it makes you feel so free when you glide on ice.
Happy advanced birthday (:

Trying to live my dream of being an ice-skater haha (never gonna happen)

We then went down to Tims Restaurant and Cafe, located in the heartland of Toa Payoh. They serve pretty decent food at affordable prices! Tims specializes in Western cuisine and many recommend their steaks.

The place has a casual, relaxed vibe and it is not air-conditioned. Though they have ceiling fans above each table, some may still find it a little warm.
Decorated on the red walls are lovely pictures 

Their prices are  reasonable because for their Daily Budget Set Lunch (11.30am to 3.30pm), you get a main, the soup of the day, desert and a hot drink (choose from tea, Milo or coffee)
Check it out below (:
I ordered the Grilled Fish Set and top-up with salad
Heres the salad 
This was the Soup of the Day: Chicken Gumbo
Accompanied by a basket of toast. I quite liked the saltiness of the soup with the taste of spices, with chewy slivers of what I think is chicken (I'm guessing its chicken because of the name, but it tasted a bit like crabmeat haha)

The Grilled Fish with Field Mushroom sauce wasn't much to shout about but I'm content
Below the fish was mash potato (all the while I was thinking I had a pile of fish haha)

 The kid ordered some lobster and steak combo

 Desert was Bread and Butter Pudding which wasn't really to my liking but my sisters enjoyed it
The Milo tasted like hot cocoa to me but my sis insists its Milo

 Look at her enjoying her lobster

The other sis's Fish and Chips!

Walking around Toa Payoh's peaceful neighbourhood

Mama shops like these are slowly disappearing :( 
I used to love visiting them to buy snacks and ice-cream as a kid.

Are they part of your childhood too? (:

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