And the time comes for one hatchling to leave Jurong Bird Park

October 05, 2014

 4/10         SATURDAY
Marks the last day of work for me at Jurong Bird Park. 3 months flew by and I'm thankful for all those who helped me along the way and made things so much better.

Sujon, the Bangladeshi worker who guided me along ever so patiently when I was lost and overwhelmed by the craziness of BRC's routine. He was the person who helped me ease into the routine and taught me all the basics I needed to know for the blocks, and always looks out for me. He's really like the big brother I never had, and I will miss him very much.

Sam and Justin
Both of you taught me so unselfishly and working with you guys, just makes it all better. I wouldn't have survived here in BRC if not for you both (:
It was a blessing to be able to work with you both!

Meet Zhiying! The vet tech who made me feel at ease the first time I met her, and she's super nice and funny too! (:

 I am so glad I got to meet Yeapyi, the previous part-timer at BRC on my last day! She's such a friendly, fun and cheerful girl and I wished I had the chance to have worked with her :(
 hehe (:

 3 little hatchlings? (:

It's so fun to be working with them both. 
I will miss Sam's baby and all her stories of this ex part-timer who was really weird, as well as her blurness. Recently, it was the case of the missing cinnamon roll hahaha.
Whenever I think of Justin, an image of him painstakingly cleaning and labeling the fridge just pops into my mind. I swear its damn funny when you see him getting angsty when the fridge is messed up.
"Walaooooo, why I put label for what, they also don't follow" *angst look*
Of course, I also won't forget his palm muffin hahaha (that's just for us three to know)

On a random note, the Greater Flamingo chicks say hi.

Can't wait for both of you to have your off days and we can finally go touring around the park!!
It isn't goodbye (:

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