Perks of working at Jurong Bird Park (The Fun Side)

September 20, 2014

Happy Saturday everyone! (:
This post is dedicated to pics of Lories that I took because they are so entertaining!
Yesterday was my first time doing counter duty and Lory Loft and I kinda liked it especially when I can talk to people and the kids!
The kids' expressions were always full of surprise, apprehension and shock which quickly turns into one of happiness, shy smiles and fits of giggles. I really enjoyed watching them experience it all and I tried to encourage those who were afraid of holding out the feedcups to the Lories.

Just look at the little girl's expression below!
She was a little apprehensive at first

It turned into surprise after she tried to feed it

Mustering up more courage


Of course, try not to touch the Lories because they are NOT TAME. They will bite and it DOES HURT quite a bit.

See the difference in colour of the ones above and the Lory below? The different variations in colours and patterns

hehe it really tickled when they decided to take a walk on my head

This is a dusky lory and I was a little disappointed to not have been able to get a clear shot of it as I rarely see it :( 

The beautiful Blue-Streaked Lory

Look at Mr Popz and his birdy fans hahaha
Some of the pictures were taken when I tagged along with Justin for his duty so I decided to explore the place like a tourist

Thanks Justin for taking this pic (:

I really love watching how Lories interact with one another.They are such social birds and they love to preen each other, move together for cuddles and of course, feed each other. It is such a sweet site watching them preen each other's feathers (:

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