Don't you love craft projects?

September 13, 2014

I first chanced on this fun DIY project on Pinterest and I thought it was really interesting and meaningful so I decided to make one too!
Let me introduce... The Alligator Affirmation Box!

This is quoted from the website that I visited:
"Words of affirmations are a language of love.  These positive loving affirmations serve as visual reminders to help children (adults too) focus on a particular purpose.  Giving children these powerful tools helps them build self-confidence, inner strength, and positive attitudes.  As their language develops, they’ll learn to use these affirmations in everyday life.
To explore our love language, we’re making an affirmation box.  This is no ordinary box, it’s an alligator! Meet Cap, the Alligator Affirmation Box! Inside his recycled scaly exterior holds loving and empowering words.  Each morning, we’ll venture deep into the swampy jungles and pull a joyful and positive thought for the day out of Cap’s mouth. After reading it, we’ll drop it back into Cap’s belly!"
If you wanna make your own alligator too or find out more about this, visit

And here is my finished work! (:
Peer into the belly of the alligator

Initially, I made it for myself because I always need positive affirmations and I just like doing crafts in general just that I haven't gotten the chance to for a long time until this came along (: Well, since I have no kids, I thought hey, why not try it out with the family. I believe it's a great idea and I hope that they will understand the meaning behind it and it would help them too!

What do you guys think? (:

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