Bon Voyage Marjorie & Movie Night

September 13, 2014

 Good morning dears and it's Saturday!! 
I haven't been blogging for about a week because I have been down with bacteria infection - throbbing headaches, fever, swollen tonsils that hurt just swallowing saliva and just being really weak. I spent entire days just knocked out in bed with all the meds hahaha.

6/9 FRIDAY   Bon Voyage Marjorie
Sent off our dear ACM (assistant class manager) who's heading to University of Manchester!
All the very best Marj, we will miss you very much and everything that I want to say is in that note I have written (:

 Beloved 12S08 (:
Do you know which is our teacher? Make a guess hahaha.
I will just pretend I am flying off too (wish I really was haha)

There was this super cool kids roller coaster at T3!! I wanted to join in too but I was above the age limit :(

11/9 THURSDAY  Movie Night
 It was a late night movie date with my besties. Step Up All In! I suppose this is going to be the last of the franchise? I mean, how many more dance choreographies can they come up with and the gist of the movies have always been the same.
Anyways, I realised we have always caught the Step Up films together and it became like a tradition for us to catch it together haha! 
I was so happy to see them again. I think it's my blessing to have known them and these are close friends who I wish will continue to stay in my life, and for who I will be willing to sacrifice for. Funny how I did not actually click with the both of them initially and we only got closer in Sec 4, but now, I can't imagine my life without them in it.

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