Because I will hang in there (:

September 13, 2014

Things will always get better, because I will hang in there!
If you are a little confused as to what I'm referring to, you can read about it here if you like:
That post was a little depressing and it's definitely not the aim of my blog haha but I really needed an outlet to clear my thoughts and reflect, thus that post.

Well, things are looking up now and it's definitely because of the people there who talk to me (:

One of them is Justin! Meet Justin guys (: 
A real cheery part-timer at BRC too and he has helped me learn more about the different bird breeds, bird care and so much more! I'm real thankful that he's here and it makes working here much less tiring and more fun! Plus, he is more experienced in handling birds and caring for them, having worked here at Jurong Bird Park in the other areas and also in BRC previously!
Here he is feeding our baby Greater Flamingos which we affectionately call Mingo (Yes, all of them are Mingo hahaha!)
Come on down to Jurong Bird Park to coo at our baby puffballs (:

Our growing babies ^^

*Partially because I still have to wear gloves to catch them hahaha
I tried because Richelle said that I should try to overcome my fear and I really did try.
Even while wearing gloves, I had the most agonizing time and ended up with the pathetic amount of crickets I beheaded in half an hour about 2 weeks ago.

Then the next week, I steeled myself and made myself do it.
TADA! Presenting to you a dishful of crickets!
I bet some of you are snickering now but hey, it's an accomplishment for me to get over my fear, especially when crickets are such a squirmy and jumpy bunch. It didn't help that the black ones (not in pic) were FATTER, BIGGER and they LOOK LIKE COCKROACHES. EEW JUST EEW.

Why can't they look like this 
Hello there *chirps*

Anyways, there could have been more in the dish if they had not jumped out of my hand, even though I had already beheaded them. Just realised cockroaches and mealworms all do not die even after they are beheaded,,, Gawd.
Look how gross this is urgh. However, I ended up having fun catching the crickets because I had to be fast to catch them and I was imagining that I was a cat catching crickets so it became a game hahaha. I feel like I'm going to get karma for beheading so many crickets and cutting off their legs heh..

Okay, forget the crickets. I have always wanted to be an animal photographer so I tried to make some attempts at bird photography. All these are taken with my iphone 5s (:

Presenting... A Bird's Life
Blue-throated Macaw  Ara glaucogularis
Status: Crtically Endangered
due to deforestation causing loss of habitat. Also declining due to capture for local and international trade
Endemic to a small area of north-central Bolivia, known as Los Llanos de Moxos

Yellow Naped Amazon  Amazona auropalliata
Status: Vulnerable
due to deforestation causing loss of habitat. Also declining due to capture for local and international trade
Found in Mexico and Central America
Such striking colours

Green-Winged Macaw  Ara chloroptera
Status: Least Concern
Found in Northern and Central South America

Hyacinth Macaw  Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus
Status: Vulnerable
due to massive illegal trade, widespread deforestation and hunting
The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot.
Found in Brazil, Eastern Bolivia and Paraguay

Hoped you enjoyed the pics (:

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