My Mickey Moleskine is finally here!!

August 05, 2014

Good morning sunshine! Hope the day is starting well for everyone (:
This morning is some lovely sweater weather and I just feel so relaxed listening to Jazz music on Spotify and spending some alone time to recharge.

Yesterday, I finally received my moleskine in the letterbox!! 
Naturally, this post is going to about my moleskine and some may not share the same passion hahaha.

I was screaming with joy inside when I saw this package sitting in my letterbox.
That indescribable happiness of receiving a long awaited mail or package is something I'm sure many can relate to!

My moleskine was flown to me hehe

A pocket-sized Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Plain Notebook
My thoughts and inspirations are always scattered around the place and writing them in a single notebook that I carry around with me works wonders.
Also, the size is PERFECT for this use and my, it's feels so good to the touch! (To read more about my obsessions and picky tastes with notebooks, organizers and journals, head over here:

The designs inside were pretty interesting, some guides to drawing Mickey correctly.

In the back pouch: A leaflet introducing the moleskine history, a quality check sticker and a drawing guide which is very specific in the way Mickey must be drawn. I never knew so much thought and minute details were put into all these drawings and when they showed which were the wrong and right ways to draw Mickey, I could not even tell the difference for some!.

Main selling point of Moleskines: The ability to lie flat on the table
Even as I hold it open like these, the pages are not bent apart when I close the notebook, unlike other books or notebooks, a definite plus point for me (:

The pages hold up fairly well with minimal bleeding even though I coloured them.
The few pens that I used were Uniball Signo 0.38DX and the Sarasa Clip 0.5

To me, this is counted fairly minimal as it does not interfere with my writing on the next page and the paper is not wet. In fact, I like it this way.

Highlighting with the Mildliner was no issue at all. There was no bleeding totally and the next page was clean.

And here is the expandable back pocket! These back pockets are such life savers because I can slip a note or two for emergency use and I always have random slips of papers that are important.

I may consider adding an inner wallet to my Moleskine, similar to what I did for my travel journal:

Right now, my Moleskine is like my shadow following me everywhere and it's beside me when I sleep so if I happen to have any inspiration or sudden thought that pops into mind, I can always pen it down (:

Some may wonder what's the need for all these but that's just me and my preference. We all have our little quirks so this is mine haha. Also, others may see the Moleskine as being a little too pricey and that I do agree to some extent, but the efficiency and satisfaction that it gives me is worth it. Anyways, I got it at SGD$15, much lower than the usual of SGD$21++ at our local bookstores here so it's a steal yay!

Question of the day:
What works for you? Are you a paper person or digital? What's your favourite note-taking device?

I would love to hear it (:

Happy Tuesday!!

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