Monopoly: A game that brings back memories

August 07, 2014

I have absolutely no idea why I had this intense desire for a game of monopoly this afternoon. You know the feeling when you suddenly crave for a juicy piece of steak or a plateful of salmon sashimi? Yeah, that feeling!

It was a torture begging my youngest sis to play with me because she's the only one home who knows how to play, but I persuaded her in the end hurray!! Anyways, my mum was home too, BUT she refuses to learn... so let's not go into that.

This is my treasured Disney Monopoly set. It is the only Monopoly set that I have and I remember begging my parents so hard to get it for me and when they refused, I planted myself firmly on the ground and threw a screaming party because I knew that this was my only chance. Nasty, I know but hey, kids will be kids and now it's been with me for almost 12 years (:

It was agonizing playing with her because she looked so bored and even plugged in her earpiece, which I made her take out halfway. It's not very polite to be playing with someone but not giving them your full attention, in my opinion.

All 8 tokens! They are so beautifully made and I just love everything about this Disney set!

Made the second sis come back earlier so she could play with me, and she did! Playing with her is simply, the best. She's been my playmate since young and we feel the most comfortable playing games with each other. Plus, we both enjoy a good game of monopoly (:

 At night, the second sis suddenly asked if I wanted to play a round of Monopoly Deal. Of course, I wouldn't say no (:
She was real confident that she would win me because I was such an amateur, but THE TABLES TURNED. I guess it's beginner's luck hahaha! At least she knows now to be less cocky.

Being able to grab hold of pockets of time spent with the second sis, is something which I am grateful for. We used to have each other's company all day, everyday but that is such a rarity now. In fact, we are all busy with work and school and we are all exhausted at the end of it now. Today was such a rare moment that I constantly wonder when the next time will be and often look back wistfully at past memories.

I told myself that I will not miss out on the joyful things of present and get all upset just because we cannot go back to what we had in the past. Focus on being happy now. This is what counts and matters most- NOW.

Appreciate and make the best of the here and now, we have so much more beautiful memories to create (:

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