Making full use of my offdays

August 16, 2014

Happy Saturday Everyone! (:

Hurray to off days on Thursday!! Had so much fun with my Eden school colleagues. Thank you for being so welcoming even though I am no longer working there. I always feel so at ease with you all (:
On the left, you see peaceful people and on the right, you see the violent ones hahaha. Of course, I am sitting on the fence right in the middle.

Photo for JL's girlfriend who is now officially a registered nurse!! Feel so happy for them (:

And because I had no racket, JL brought me to the badminton shop at the place to get one! Although it will be the school's racket, it was nice of him to let me choose one which I liked.

Yesterday was a really busy day and I was real tired at the end of it all, but I was happy (:

Finally met-up with Grace after like 3 years? After we graduated from secondary school, I haven't been in contact with her, only bumping into her at POP and other random places. Headed down to the much-raved about Riders Cafe at Bukit Timah Saddle Club.

NOTE: It's quite deep in so it would be advisable to get a cab or drive. We wanted to walk in but after we got into a cab, we were thankful we didn't. It's about 1.7km from the bus stop if you wanna walk but the problem is you may not find your way there UNLESS you have been there before. If not, drive in.


Grace's ordered the Riders' Burger: Steak (done to your preference), Bacon streaks, Rocket, Onions and Seasoned fries
It's a pretty solid burger and the fries are done nicely

I ordered the Portobello burger and it was DELICIOUS. I really love how everything tastes so good together. Still, I think there was too much fries for me haha.

The view of the stables from our seat at the balcony


 Such a beautiful tortoiseshell but so much fur dropped out when I petted it and scratched it ears

Just beside, there is The Marmalade Pantry, a desert place. Initially, we wanted to drop by since we were in the area but our stomachs were already complaining.

Instead, we decided to visit the stables!!!

Poor Grace has never seen a white horse in real life before hahaha

Handsome boy

Love horses with a white blaze down their faces. It makes them look so beautiful

Housefly look-a-like

 This poor boy looks so depressed and listless :(

Sadly we could not enter the other stables :(

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