Love for the birthday girl & other stuffs

August 09, 2014

Busy Friday it was yesterday, but it was a great one (:

  • Back to Eden for National Day Celebration
Truly grateful that Mel and Mrs Lai gave me permission to come back to watch the ND celebrations.

Of course when I'm back at Eden, my Hudson class is first on my mind. Met Yuting (she's supporting Hudson now!) when she was picking up B at the waiting area and we went up to the hall together. Along the way, D saw me and he called out my name! I was overjoyed to see him and I'm glad he has not forgotten me (':

There was a mini march past in the hall, sing-a-long sessions, quizzes, performances by Jurongville Secondary and of course, a skit by Cayley class!

 A Malay dance item by JVSS students

 JVSS choir

I really wish I could put up the video of the skit, The Gingerbread Man performed by Cayley class. The kids really did an amazing job and we all loved the item by them. However, I'm not allowed to post any pics of the kids.

Throughout the sing-a-longs and dance items, some of the boys started mimicking the dancers and boy, some have potential. It was so comical and entertaining that I couldn't stop laughing.

Stayed with Hudson until it was their recess and like the old times, D came up to me, tapped me and said,"Teacher Wan Ying, catch you!" (He still gets confused on the usage of 'catch me' and 'catch you' hahaha) This was the reason I stayed till recess, just to play catching with him. I don't really care how silly I look because we are both having fun! (:

There was a photo booth and we took pictures with an array of props!
When the time came to go, I was feeling a little sad. Its hard and most won't understand the feeling unless they have experienced it themselves. I will miss D, B, Jeanette, Rachel and the other YFAs.
Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten or replaced

  • Root Canal Review

 Had an appointment for a root canal review at NDC in the afternoon. 
Look at the new kids corner!

Waited for almost an hour cause we got there too early so I got bored and folded a paper crane with my queue number. 
In the room, the endodontist tapped and knocked my teeth and prodded my gums. Then he sent me off to get an X-Ray as the last one was taken over a year ago. When the counter asked for my queue number, I took out the crane from my pocket and fumbled to unfold it before sheepishly handing it over to the counter lady. "Is that a crane?" she asked with an amused smile. I managed an embarrassed laugh before following her into the room. As I lay on the reclined chair, she dropped the queue number into my open hands and said,"Here's your crane." In less than a minute, I was done and made my way back to the endodontist.

After examining the X-ray, the endodontist told me that the good news was that the abscess was cleared and the infection site remains status quo. However, the infection has not cleared so I may need a minor surgery if the infected area does not clear on its own. I almost freaked out I heard surgery. Thankfully he said they would see how it goes before deciding whether to have the surgery. Crossing my fingers that the infected pulp will be cleared on its own!

  • The Meetup and Birthday

Met up with Lai at Dhoby Gaut to get Macarons for JY but when we got there, we got a shock because CANELÉ was no longer there!! Oh the despair :(
We were panicking there like two idiots before finally deciding to head straight down to NTU to find JY since it was getting late.
Hall 16!!

And of course I haven't forgotten
08.08 your birthday is not easy to forget (:
My late queen, selfie queen and bestie in PJ, I will miss you very much when you start school :(
Although we will not in the same school anymore and I know it's inevitable that we may drift apart but no matter what you are going through, I will still be here for you. Let's try to meet up with the guys whenever we can and thank you for adding so much colour and fun in my life <3<3<3

Ambush for dinner!!

Chao's WHOLE pork knuckle
Waiter: You ordered a whole pork knuckle? Champion.

 The accompanying sauce and mashed potato

Melvin's Oktoberfest

Mixed Seafood Linguine for me

I don't have a pic of JY's Ambush Paella hahaha

 Darren joined us later (stuck in camp) with the cake (:

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