Last Day at Eden on a Thursday

August 01, 2014

  • Last day at Eden

Isn't it unconventional for Thursday to be your last day of work? I mean, people usually end on Friday when it is the end of the week right hahaha.

Anyways, today was my last day as a teacher aide in Eden school. 6 months there as a intern, followed by an extension as a part-timer, that place holds bittersweet memories.

The boys did sand art today for the first time and this was the piece done by D and I! Imagine my surprise when Jeanette told D to pass it to me. Furthermore, after Jeanette prompted,"For..?" D continued, "For you!" I was happy because none of us have taught him that but he could complete the line by himself!
The lovely piece done by D and I

Thursdays aren't complete without dropping by bakeroom to annoy Joseph and JL and of course, to see the boys (:
Went shopping for stuff for the first-aid kit at Watsons and Guardian.

 Takeaway lunches from KFC
 JL and I had to gobble our lunches fast because we were rushing for badminton. Those around me know I eat real slow...

Before we left Eden, I whatsapped JL asking him to go ahead with the rest to the sports hall first because I had to settle admin issues since it was my last day. However, when I reached the busstop, I was surprised to see JL waiting there for me haha I was touched (':

Anyways, badminton was fun as usual. I always have so much fun with them!

Farewell gifts from Rachel and Jeanette, Yuting and Renuka (:
See that crotchet flower, Yuting did it by herself! 

Thank you my dears I am really feeling the love. I would definitely be back to visit the kids and you all! This is the end of the beginning and the start of something new for me and I am thankful to be a part of the Eden family. Whenever I can, I will join you all for badminton and tennis! Thank you for being a part of my memories at Eden, memories I will hold dear (:

  •  Rainbow Loom craze

Recently, everyone has been crazy about this thing called Rainbow Looms where you can stretch your creativity and make anything you wanna make! My youngest sis make one for me and I love the blue and white combination (: all three of us have the same bands and all made by her hehe. Time to show some sister together-ness with our identical bands!

 Here's mine (:

  • Change of Plans
Initially, I was suppose to join the EH peeps for the bash but my stupid red eyes have to return but this time, it looks like it's sore eyes *sobs* Of course, I couldn't go out like these and as much as I would like to post the pictures of my horrid looking eyes, I won't. It's nasty and I don't think I wanna give you a fright. Praying so hard it would go away tomorrow!!

Hope you guys had a better day and goodnight!
*Big hugssss*

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