Time for Past versus Present!

August 02, 2014

Hellooo and happy Saturday guys (:

Went back to PJ today for Past Versus Present (PVP) Frisbee. It's an annual fund-raising event where the alumni (past) come back to play in various sports against the current students(present). I have also realised how bad my stamina has become. Nonetheless, I had lots of fun and I was really happy to catch up with so many whom I haven't seen for quite some time! It's always nice to see your friends around the school, just like old times.

Meet Mr Barry's dogs, Shadow and Marmite!!When I was young, I loved the name Shadow so much that I told myself that I would call my dog, Shadow (If I ever have one). Both are cross-breeds and Shadow is 3 years old while Marmite is 7. 

Shadow is the lovely lady below and I was told she is a picky eater, like me.

 And this is the handsome Marmite, named after

Apparently, Marmite is the opposite of Shadow because he eats EVERYTHING.

 Mr Woo's daughter is such an adorable girl. When I asked for her name, she replied and told me her age. Then she asked,"How old are you?"

Both are such cutiepies awww

Here she is trying to get Marmite to listen to her commands, but he only listens to Mr Barry and his wife

 Look at how small she is or how big Marmite is

She looks every bit like a model! She's gonna be such a heartbreaker when she grows up.

More pics of Shadow!!
I love how intelligent her eyes look and how pretty she is. I just wanna hug her!!

 And I did hahaha

 Attempted to take a photo with Kai, our PJC mascot but I look like I'm hiding behind it. Mr Teh has bad photography skills...

 Could not help harassing the mascot. I think I was trying to cover the eyes haha

Again, Mr Teh was the photographer so it explains why we have so many candid shots.

On the left is Mr Teh. He looks so young right!! But HE IS NOT.
We are always calling him Old Man hahaha.
And there he is trying to push my head... AGAIN (this was the 4th time)

TEAM EMILY (Emz is the Korean beside me and she was my touch rugby teammate)

Byron OGLs!!
Cute Mel (;

Couzzie shot! Glad we gotta play together again though it can be stressful playing with you cause your black face really is scary...

 Left: Ultimate Mixed Nationals             Right: Today 
 I was the supporter                         Teammates!

 Mr Teh, Lai, Darren and I then headed to Lot 1 for lunch at this HK casual restaurant at the basement.
When we wanted pay for our own orders, Mr Teh said to the guys,"No need, next time treat me to drinks" Then when I asked,"What about me??" 
"Uh you ah... treat me to fries" Hahaha!

Thanks Mr Teh, best CT and embodiment of kindness(inside joke)
Marj, Tong and Bibiyana then joined us later

I'm quite sad that I didn't head down to NUS for fun touch because my eyes got worse from wearing contacts today. Had to wear them or else I won't be able to play today for frisbee :( Now they are so red and painful.
Eyes please get well soon, you are so important to me!!!

So that kinda sums up my Saturday! 

Gonna make sushi for the potluck hehe. 
Tomorrow will be a better day (:

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