Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Goodness

August 14, 2014

Good morning sunshines! Woke up this morning and felt the strong urge to try making some homemade peanut butter. I am a HUGE peanut butter lover but I find that most store bought brands contain a lot of other ingredients such as hydrogenated oil, sugar and lots of salt, which I personally find unnecessary because tastebuds are kinda adjusted to food that are a little bland to most so I'm totally okay without having all those extra ingredients (:

Anyways, it's super easy, real healthy and of course, yummy! You know what's going into your peanut butter and you can easily adjust the taste and flavour to suit your own tastebuds. Hurray to peanut butter with no extra oil, salt or sugar added!! Let's get started!

I used a packet of ShanDong Groundnuts(just 100% groundnuts without salt), which still have their shells on.
Usually, people buy a bagful of shelled nuts and start from there. It would definitely make things simpler and saves you the hassle of cleaning up the mess from shelling. However, as these were the only ones that I had at home at the moment I had to make do.

This is how the nuts look after shelling them. In case you were wondering, I threw in the brown skins as well because it would be too tedious to take them off each one.

Into the blender they go!

Initially, I used the cross-blade but I realised it was not really blending the peanuts well so I switched to...

The flat blade! Flat blades are usually used for grinding hard food, so I guess it also makes more sense to use it for grinding the peanuts!

Over here, the peanuts have become finely grounded

This is a side-view. As you are blending, remember to stop from time to time to give it a little shake so the bottom gets blended too.

Unlike some blenders, the Magic Bullet heats up real quickly so I could not blend continuously for more than a minute. See the peanuts getting a bit smoother in texture? (:

Although it may seem powdery at the start, keep blending to get a creamier consistency. As you blend, the peanuts' give out their natural oils and these are enough to make it creamy. For those who love their peanut butter smooth, just keep blending until it's the consistency you desire. 
For those like me who prefer a crunch, throw in more nuts and use a butter knife to mix these nuts in.
Keep blending until you see that most of the nuts have been chopped or until it reaches the texture you would like. For me, this is how I like mine- lots of crunch to it! (:

When done, spread it on anything you like or just have it plain! Right after blending, it may seem a little more watery than the store-bought variety, but just refrigerate it for a while and it becomes the right consistency (:

Isn't it real easy?? You can make other nut butters or flavours. Simply use other nuts like almonds, cashews, whatever and add in cinnamon, spices etc. Anything you can think of,  any preferences you have, or simply have fun experimenting!
It's peanut butter time hehe (:


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