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August 12, 2014

Hello!! How's things going for you guys?

Yesterday was my first day of work at Jurong Bird Park and boy, it sure was interesting! I am really lucky to be posted to the Breeding and Research Centre (BRC) because Sam is working there too! Also, BRC is the only area with an air-conditioned room and a microwave oven! Needless to say, having an air-conditioned office to rest in after working in the warm weather is like a godsend and the microwave oven is so important because  love having hot food for lunch.

Anyway, being a first-timer, there was a lot to take in. Thank goodness Sam was around to guide me yesterday and she tried to impart as much as she could to me as she will only be working once a week this month and so I will have to take over for the days she is not around.

Sam, Rishelle and me!

Our keeper get-up (:

Today was day 2 and of course, I was still confused but not as much as yesterday. I still can't remember how man bowls for each block, the size, the different feed mixes and all but I hope I will be more familiar with the routine after each day! Also, being in BRC brings out the domestic goddess in you- From chopping up fruits at lightning speed, hammering nuts and mixing up feeds to sweeping floors and cleaning up shit-loaded newspapers, we got them all covered.

Although it is a little hectic at BRC sometimes, it is a great place to work in! My in-charge Richelle is such a good teacher and she's really experienced and knows how to care for the birds well. Furthermore, she managed to breed a Hyacinth Macaw when so many other before could not.
A picture of a Hyacinth Macaw which I Googled.
This beautiful and highly endangered bird is the largest of all parrots

Currently in BRC, there is also a volunteer who is doing his internship at JBP for 2 weeks. Sadly, this is the last week for him :(  The 2 Bangladeshi workers who are with BRC are really friendly and they are have been guiding me along as well! I truly am grateful to be in BRC and I hope I can catch on to the routines faster and be less of a burden!

It is such a delight to see the babies everyday and currently, we have our 'Houdinis' who have managed to squeeze out of their cages through the bars. The amusing thing is, they learn from each other so quickly! (I managed to take a vid of our dear Houdini expertly squeezing himself through the bars hahaha) So right now, our dear lorries have also joined in the fun, together with the Master Escapist. Looking forward to the antics they come up with each day haha!

See you at Jurong Bird Park (:

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