CW's birthday surprise and my love for little kids (:

August 26, 2014

It's been a couple of days since I last blogged and I was really tired out and all but I finally got down to doing it. I blog because blogging no helps me to refresh what has happened in previous days and it also reminds me to be grateful for all the little happy and positive things in my life, no matter how small they are. I understand that some people do not see the point in doing so but for me, being grateful and acknowledging all that has happened, does lift my spirits and gives me strength to get through the downs in my life. Each to their own and I do it because it works for me (:

CW's birthday surprise!!
The plan was to meet B at 9.30 pm to head down to Kebabs and Curries to prep the stuff before the others brought CW. However, I reached half an hour earlier and ended up lunging around like a hobo for an hour plus at City Square Mall because they were held back at work. After that, I tried to make my way down to Mustafa Centre but I had not the slightest clue as to which direction to walk. Thank goodness Bernard showed up when I stood there staring at Google Maps on my phone and looking like a lost kid.

I was super grateful that B came because without him, I think I may have gotten lost along the way.. I had no idea Mustafa Centre was not a single building! It spans several streets and even had Gate 1 to Gate 6. Walking past each gate, I saw that bags were not allowed inside or at least had to be tied up with a cable tie, most probably to prevent shop theft. There were even luggages at the bag area and all these made me feel like I was in an airport!
After crossing several small roads, we finally found our Gate 6!

Kebabs and Curries was all the way at Gate 6, where you can see their huge neon display that can't be missed.

B went to recce the place for places to hide and to set up the 'birthday cake' which was actually a naan hahaha! So we waited in hiding after receiving the missed call from Jo (a signal) and the message from Noor ''Eagle to Mother Bird. We are approaching the nest. I repeat. Approaching the nest. Over" (I felt like a secret agent hehe)

Yay a successful surprise!!
The pictures aren't really good because of the low light, but they will have to do

Watching her try to blow out the candles on her cake was hilarious because these were relight-able candles hahaha

Our birthday girl hehe she looks so cute!! Like a little kid with her horde of goodies

CW and B <3
It was really great company and I really enjoyed the food there. I ordered the Saag chicken which the rest kept making fun about... Calling it saggy chicken, sagging chicken and all. You get my point hahaha

Reached home around 1 am (if B and CW had not sent me home, it would have been later) and by the time I bathed and all, it was 2 am. Got nagged at for sleeping only 3 hrs because I had to wake up at 5.30am for work :( Worked from Friday to Monday and I was so drained that I didn't want to do anything else, but I knew I had to snap out of it and it was tough. Working life is never easy, as I know from all my previous jobs.

Yesterday 25/8
Part of the Education programme, where the kids learn more about the birds and observe a chick-feeding session.
They ask such entertaining questions such as, "Why is its mouth so long?" or "Where are its feathers?
Look at all those bright and innocent faces, so curious about the world around them and amazed by everything they see!
I really love spending time with kids who are so young. They reopen your eyes once again, making you see the world in a new light. When I have kids next time, I really hope I can spend time exploring their world with them (: 
I am interested in working with young kids below the age of 6 learn and have fun through play and all because I can never forget the impact my kindergarten teacher had on me and how grateful I am today. I remember those teachers who was nasty to me, who treated me with kindness, understanding and patience and how I felt towards each of them. I remember all these with shocking clarity and it's surprising because I don't have much memory of what happened after I started Primary 1.
Our blue and gold macaw chick which fascinated the little kiddos (: see how its feathers are still in those tubes?

It will soon grow to be as handsome as this one here (:

Just a few nuggets of information:
Macaws are the largest parrots in the world and the body of the Blue and Gold Macaw from beak to tail can be as long as 33 inches. Blue and Gold Macaws are native to South America, where it can be found from southern Mexico to Peru as well as Bolivia and Brazil. They usually live together in large groups in forests or near rivers. The primary threats to them are habitat loss from rainforest destruction and the parrot trade where the babies are frequently stolen from their nests and sold on the black market. 
I find this really heartbreaking and even with laws in place, the parrot trade will continue for as long as there's demand, there will be people who will find ways to get their hands on them.

On a happier note, do come down to Jurong Bird Park to visit our lovely feathered friends (:

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