Beach Volleyball fun with friends

August 17, 2014

Great Saturday spent playing beach volleyball with my Eden peeps at the newly built Sport Hub!
(Click here to read more about it:
Through this session, I learnt so much more about the game and I think I can manage a decent hit now (:
 Team Eden!

Thanks JL and his friends for inviting us along! His friends (some were former volleyball players in their respective schools) were really encouraging and friendly, constantly giving us pointers on the correct way to receive the ball, as well as correcting our postures

There are two volleyball courts for use here. Currently, you do not have to pay to use the courts but you have to make a booking first.

There was a lovely sunset earlier on but I was too caught up in playing..

Haha taken by Noor

I like this candid shot of us hahaha our faces
Group shot!! See that little kid beside me? He's super bossy and outspoken until it got to the point of being annoying. However he's still a kid afterall and after letting him join our team to play, I just thought that his antics were pretty amusing.
After the volleyball game, we ended up playing 2V2 - Angel (kiddo's name) and I versus Joseph and Noor
I swear it was hillarious. Watch the vids of the 2v2 drama taken and edited by Charlene hahaha


Hope these videos made you laugh as much as I did. Cheers and have a great day (:

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