And here we will part ways

August 04, 2014

Great meet-up/catch-up with my Truggers last night at Ber's new place and she's staying pretty near to me now and what's even cooler is that Zaf and Ber are now neighbours!
Anyways, I real glad we finally met up yesterday cause we haven't seen each other for months!! 
Our only group pic is of really horrible quality and Sy looks like a ghost next to me hahaha
But, it's the company that matters <3

We went potluck style and we had so much food!
Bao brought this HUGE HUGE tray of fried rice that was impossible to finish, it was an insane amount.

Thanks Ber for hosting us and farewell to our Preetha who rushed back yesterday morning from India and is flying back this week. School has barely started and she has already skipped 10 days of classes hahaha GOOD JOB. Almost had to walk home in the dark and without my spectacles but thankfully Bao had gotten her driver's license and dropped me off nearer to my place. She's still in JC and has gotten her license making those of us who have already graduated wonder what we were doing these past few months hahaha.

[Dedication post to my trug team at the bottom of the post]

Say hello to Kaela, Ber's adorable cocker spaniel!! Love those soft, floopy ears of hers

I can't get enough of her hahaha

Jia says this is the closest she will go to Kaela hahaha. She refuses to come down  from the sofa because she's afraid of dogs.

[To my trug team, if you will ever see this]

In a week's time, it will be the start of the first year for those heading to the local unis. Some of us will be starting in private unis in 3 weeks time, some may be starting end of the year or the start of next year. Some will stay in Singapore while some head overseas. 
We are all parting ways, heading in different paths from here but I'm thankful to have met you guys and glad that we were once a team. Our JC league times were tough and we pulled through as a team, so these memories will stay with me forever and inevitably, I will always look back and miss it. Amidst hectic schedules, I do hope we will still meet up from time to time. Take care and all the best in the future (:


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