Thank Goodness for Fridays

July 04, 2014

It's FRIDAY guys!!
And I have a long weekend because Monday is Youth Day so we don't have to work! (Perks of working in a school)

Today is D's birthday and Hudson had a mini birthday celebration in class where they invited me. It was during their recess slot, but I was in Shelley. However, Irwin and Leo were really nice to let me go for it and even volunteered to help me cover up if the heads asked where I was. Such great colleagues (:

When D saw me, he kept smiling, laughing and grinning until the teachers said, "Wah, see Teacher Wan Ying like see his girlfriend like that. So happy to see her!" (Sorry for the Singlish but that's how we roll.) Also, today was Joanne's last day and I didn't bring the card that I made for her :( I will miss her very much.

From Jeanette and Joanne for helping Hudson (:

This Starbucks tumbler was in created in celebration of Starbuck's Singapore First Give-Back Store.

It is drawn by 17-year old Glenn Phua, who is from Pathlight School, the first autism-focused school which offers Singapore's mainstream academic curriculum together with life-readiness skills.

Just look at that detail, isn't it amazing!
His attention to detail reminds me of Mr Stephen Wiltshire, the renowned British Artist with autism. I am sure you guys would have head of Mr Wiltshire through the news or web.

After work ended, I went down to Jurong Bird Park for an interview!!
(actually it didn't even feel like an interview cause he only asked for my name, age, working availability then I filled in this information sheet)

I'm starting only in August, so let me know if you guys are heading down during that time (:

After that, I went to look for Suemae cause she just came back from Japan and she had goodies to pass to me.
That lucky girl, you should go see her insta.
Then we stood at the BBQ pit and talked for almost 30mins?? 
Didn't even realised we stood there for so long haha.

Wished the cute little fork and spoon was printed on the lunchbox but sadly, it isn't.

That was the postcard that she wanted to send to us, but she couldn't find the post office there.

I'm a total sucker for letters and postcards hehe.

This is mochi inside and it's pretty good.
She was chewing on this when I met her HAHA

Is your mouth-watering? ;)


Also, registration for The Colour Run 2014 is OPEN!!
This year, its gonna be on 30 and 31 Aug WHOOOOOO.
Jy and I are going for the one on 30th!
Hope to see you guys there!!

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