When unfortunate things happen, the good in humanity shows

July 17, 2014

[Below is insignificant rants which you can skip (:]
For the past few days, the weather was HOT AND HUMID, much more than usual and it got me real angsty *pulls hair*
This morning, it was a STORM with heavy wind, rain and LOTS of lightning. The moment I stepped out, I got assaulted by the rain but I was feeling smug cause I learnt my lesson from the previous incident and brought a big umbrella, thinking I was safe from the rain.
While walking to the LRT station, I misjudged the depth of the puddles and OOPS THERE GOES MY SOCKS AND SHOES. I was resigned to my fate and simply ended up splashing through the puddles.
Since I was wet already, I decided to just enjoy the rain haha.

Coming to my point, today was a great day because I see so many things to be grateful for.

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the 
smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.
-Leo Buscaglia

When I reached my workplace, my shoes were like mini Sampans (Malay word for fishing boats), squelching with every step. 

This is a picture of a Sampan which I Googled.

Thankfully I brought along my sport shoes as I'm going for badminton after work, so I have shoes to change into, but I only had one pair of socks. While desperately trying to dry my socks under the dryer, Charlene (a colleague) immediately volunteered to lend me the extra pair of socks that she kept in school. It is times like these when you feel utterly grateful because if no one offered, you would be stuck with wet socks for the entire day and that is a dreadful situation to be in. Thank you Charlene for lending me your socks so readily (:

After work ended, I realised my battery was draining and I was about to have a mini-crisis (I'm sure I'm not the only person right haha), searching frantically for an Iphone 5 cable. Another colleague, Alyssa, so readily lent hers to me. I know it may not seem like much, but I was really grateful because if she didn't, my phone would be dead and you can imagine the inconvenience.

Then I decided to head over to the Bakeroom to disturb Joseph (Job Coach for Bakesite) and Julito and to visit the boys. Plus, the opened Bakeshop today!!
I can tell you, the boys really enjoyed it because they told me themselves.

I really wish I could post photos of the boys because I am so very proud of them but I don't think I'm allowed to :(

 Double Chocolate Drizzled Cookie!
Soft-centred doubled chocolate cookies with white chocolate drizzle, baked by the boys themselves (:

Order list!

All the while, Joseph wanted to set up the Bakeshop to let the kids get a feel of what it would be like to work outside, in the workforce and he is finally able to do it now that the finally allowed him the funds to get the cash register.


Joseph, JL and I then headed for lunch. Despite me vehemently saying that I'm not buying lunch because I didn't bring cash with me and that wasn't hungry, they ended up buying popiah for me and even treated me. I felt so embarrassed and kept telling them I would pay them for it but they were insistent, with Joseph coming up with a list of things I have helped him with (it wasn't much)
Though the both of them always like to tease me, underneath they are such softies (:

Headed for Badminton with some of the colleagues after they knocked off and even the drink stall auntie came too! SHE CAN PLAY and her husband was a badminton coach!

I continued asking Noor to teach me even when the timeslot for our court was up because I thought there was no one else after ours. After I stopped, I was told by the rest that the group waiting at the side booked the next time slot, but the thing is, they were so courteous and polite that they didn't even chase us away. I felt so embarrassed because I would have asked someone nicely to go to another court if I have booked it, but that group didn't. That restored some of my hope in humanity (:

The group of them: JL, Noor, Jerlyn, Paul and Evelyn are really such fun people. I was laughing so much and learning loads from them. I am truly grateful to meet have had the chance to intern and work at Eden because there are many who are so patient with me, took care of me, helped me and taught me throughout my journey there. 

I am really one lucky girl.

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