Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Saturday

July 20, 2014

Helloo and happy Saturday!

Today has been a GREAT DAY for me, albeit a little busy but the happy kind of busy-ness (:

Settle SIM application > Family Gathering > Boat Quay/Clarke Quay > Fun Touch at NUS

This is my OOTD hehe
I look decent for once so I must post this haha.

Then its over to Chiso Zanmai for their lunch time buffet!
Look at the salmon sashimi
I have a serious love for salmon sashimi so that was the first thing I went for (this is my sis's plate btw)

Hotpot (:

Everyone's mouth is full HAHA

Say hi to the second sis (:

And to the youngest sis

Check out my adorable nieces below

I have found a best friend who likes broccoli.
She seriously loves it, refusing everything else except broccoli!!

She seems to be glaring at me hahaha

Alright, back to food!

how can you resist that.

Of course, this is not ALL that they have, but I didn't wanna go around taking pics of all the food haha.

This is the birthday cake for the July babies.
Doesn't it look too princessy? LOL 

 Presenting the July babies!!
My cousin's (grey shirt) actual birthday was actually today and I HAD NO IDEA.
I felt so bad..

I didn't eat the cake because I was quite full, but here's a slice of it

Ah Ma (:

Look at that cutiepie!
She looks so forced when she smiles hahaha.

After all that, Mum wanted to walk around Clarke Quay to take photos, so I decided to take some too

If you wanna take the boat ride, you can get your tickets here!

Some of the boats for the boat rides

This reminds me of Venice (as I see in pictures, haven't been there before though I wish to before I kick the bucket)
But of course, Venice is much more beautiful.

Acting like a tourist in my own country HAHA

Dad and Sis always buy the ice-cream when they see this

Both of us trying too hard to act like tourists

Have you all ever tried this before??
It's a palm reader but I have no idea how true it is. Probably to scam little boys' and girls' money

An empty house, an empty street~
 Westlife fan here haha

I wonder if my youngest sis will be taller than the second.

This looks like a place where you will meet someone significant in your life... At the lamppost haha

If you don't know what she's doing, she was trying to grab this tendril and she did

After the youngest pestered the second to buy Sticky for her the whole time, the second finally gave in.

Not promoting Sticky here, but here's a pic.

P.S. I do not like sweets. So if you bribe me with sweets, it will never work.
You can watch them make the candy and that's pretty cool stuff, though there was this weird burnt smell in the air and I wondered if it was from the candies...

All the pics below were taken when we were driving on the road
(Must embrace my inner tourist)

Singapore Flyer (:
I have only been on it once but it was a pretty cool experience although it was kinda boring after a while.

After all the photo-taking and attempts at being a tourist, I headed down to NUS for some fun touch (:
But I reached there an hour earlier because my dad dropped me off, so I just sat there watching the clouds.

Sorry there's no more pics after this cause I was too busy playing, talking and eating to remember to take pics.

Amos drove here, so we took his car and squeezed in the back seat were the 3 of us - Zheng Yong, Gabriel and I (I was the one in the middle haha)
Thanks to Gabriel for lending me his towel to sit on so I won't dirty Amos's car.

Dinner after the game at Ameen Makan House which is just behind Eusoff Hall. Frequented all the time by Eusoffians (:

It was my first time at Ameen and I ordered the Kampong Style Fried Rice because it had a thumbs up beside it.
The first mouthful, I realised it was spicy...
Still, I tried to finish it and I started sniffing away.
Didn't manage to finish it in the end though.

Sat there and talked for almost an hr!
Made friends with Joe, who also played with us but on the other team, while on the bus back.

It has been a really fun day for me, and I hope you guys had an awesome Saturday too (:

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    1. I'm glad to have found your blog, love it! And thanks for dropping by (: