Recruit Chao POP LOH!

July 13, 2014

This very morning, our dear recruit Chao has finally POP-ed!

POP stands for Passing Out Parade, where friends/family are invited to watch and it signals the successful completion of a recruit's Basic Military Training (BMT) and I'm pretty sure most are relieved this phase is over haha.

The parade is held at the Floating Platform, which is also the venue for our NDP!

It's my first time attending a POP parade(Darren's NDU POP was a little different) and it's pretty cool to see throngs of families and friends of the recruits there eagerly waiting.

I'm sure all the mummies and daddies there are really proud of their sons and it certainly is a joyful moment (:
I will be damn proud of my son (if I ever have one next time hahaha)

Featuring our famous IRs!

Bright, sunny weather makes for great photos (:

After the march-past and speech, we were entertained by the military band while the recruits went to change into their jockey caps. I got kind of bored at this interval.

Once done, the recruits fast marched back into their formations,did the BMTC roar, followed by the joyful throwing of jockey caps into the air!

I did video the BMTC roar but I still have not figured out how to upload it to dropbox from my phone.

(Chao-geng, chao beng and many more HAHA)

Being in the middle of it all is such a different feeling from looking at other's photos!

Love it when the sun is bright, it makes the photos turn out so nicely!

Kaijuan missed me so much that she squeezed me so tight that I almost couldn't breathe hahaha!
But it's alright, cause I missed her too ^^

POPs are also where you see many of your secondary schoolmates hahaha

Didn't see Ek until he called me. Man, he is a giant.

On my way to the POP on the train, I met my fellow YFA Becca.
Then saw her at the Floating Platform.
And Marina Square. I see her EVERYWHERE.
And she's closing her eyes AGAIN hahaha.

 We then headed to Marina Square for Brunch at Yoshinoya!
The whole mall was filled with graduated recruits and their friends or families.

Another group pic! Sorry, this is a little blur.

Initially, I was suppose to rush down to Kallang for Todak's, a touch football event but I couldn't make it. Thankful that Jean took my place for me. Thanks babe!

And I'm sorry to my team- Ber, Sheryl, JQ and Bern. I will make it up to you guys kk (:

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