July 01, 2014

I have been waiting anxiously for some news for a while now and it was finally confirmed a few hours ago.

It was not unexpected but most disappointing because I gave it my all and this is the second time I have ever wanted something so much. The first was fighting to make it into the main team in Sec Sch. (I know it may not sound like much but it meant the world to me at that point in time)

However, I know I will be fine because this isn't the end and I am a fighter. And I can account to myself because I really did try my best and fought hard for what I wanted.

As one of my Eusoff OG mate told me, "You will have better options out there."

This was sent to me by another one of my OG mate, one that I really found a friend in

I think it's meaningful and true.
Quoting her, "It doesn't matter if there's no clear beginning, middle or end"

I am getting too attached to NUS and Eusoff Hall and it pains me that I won't be sharing such experiences with them again. I have grown to love the culture and the people there. Nonetheless, I am truly grateful for it all because though this, I have met so many people who are sincere, kind and passionate and had beautiful memories and friendships forged.

Many have helped me in my journey, provided assistance, advice and support through it all and I don't know where I would be without them

I can never be more thankful for this.

You can give your best effort but it may still be in vain and this is life. The best way to deal with it is to move on, and that I will.
I believe there are opportunities abound if I am open to them and by staying positive!

I am sad but this will pass too (:

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