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July 21, 2014

Helloooo! Hope the Monday Blues have not found you guys today!

Today was a pretty chaotic day as the kids were kinda unsettled today and a lil high, so it was quite a handful. Nonetheless, we made it through Monday (:
And I cycled to work and back again hehe save time and money plus getting in some exercise.

Say hi to my baby. I call it Aleoca cause that's the name on it's frame as you can see. I bought it with my own money, second-hand and I am so glad I did. 

  • Sunday morning breakie

Just wanna share what I made on Sunday morning with my usual experimenting with foooood.
I made some pretty healthy pancake and it's just 4 ingredients!!
Oats, egg, banana and cinnamon (:
If you aren't a huge fan of cinnamon, just omit it and you have a 3 ingredient pancake HURRAY

Can you see what's inside?

After blending it all

In the pan they go!

TA DAH there ya go

I know some people may not like it cause the texture and taste is different from the usual pancakes. But this suits me well because I enjoy the natural sweetness from the bananas with the taste of cinnamon and the chewy texture of the oats. Why not try it out and see how it goes for you (:

  • Notebook Fanatic

 I am one who prefers writing down my thoughts, inspirations and ideas into notebooks over typing on phones or computers. I enjoy putting pen to paper and watching my thoughts flow from the ink and etched onto the paper. It allows me to process my thoughts and gives me a sense of realism, watching the words form and knowing they won't be lost. I love flipping through the pages, feeling the quality and texture of the paper with each turn. Notebooks which have simplistic lovely designs and quality paper with an off-whitish slightly cream colour that feels good to the touch always appeal to me. Another thing is my notebooks must be able to open almost all the way so I can write comfortable. Size is also really important to me as I always carry my notebooks around, I stick to those pocket sizes: 9 cm x 14.5 cm. In addition, it must have an elastic and backpocket because I always have loose slips of paper that I stick into the pages of the notebook.

Right now, this is my travel notebook. I brought it along with me to Japan and it contains precious memories, stamps and gratitude thoughts. It is really important to me (:
I really really love how sturdy it feels in my hand, the texture of the cover and paper and the lovely off-whitish colour of the paper. The simplicity of the cover really appeals to me and I love the colour scheme.

These are stamps that were unique to each tourist attraction we visited and I felt so happy stamping them into my notebook.

The almighty back pocket that is essential to me

Cheerful printed pages within the notebook 

The last paragraph expresses how I feel as I get older now

 This is my organizer and I love it so so much. It's a lovely navy organizer with a simple embossed 'Agenda' on the cover and it feels so good to touch
Inside, there is a monthly view which is really useful to me, a weekly view (not used frequently at the moment) and blank pages which I can sketch in at the back when I feel like it.
Most of the time, I leave it at home and fill it up at the end of each day.

 Below is my positive thoughts, actions and sort of reflective notebook. I know it does not have an elastic band nor a back pocket but I use it because I feel comfortable with it and I really like it. I also like the texture of the cover. That's the funny thing about me and notebooks, if I pick one up and I don't like the feeling, no matter how pretty it looks, I just won't be able to connect with it.

And this pinkie is my Emotional Journal, where all the rants and anger stuff go into. It's really personal and all. This pink journal was a birthday present from my JC clique (:

A back pocket!

Last but not least, a notebook from Daiso. My youngest sis bought this for me as a birthday present. Although it has an elastic band, it does not come with a back pocket and that's a downside because I'm using it as a commonplace book and I usually have loose slips of paper that I cramp in between the pages, but they always fall out. The design and texture is not exactly to my liking either and I don't feel connected with it. I plan to use my Paul Frank notebook in place as a commonplace book for now.

The current family

Coming soon to join my ever-expanding notebook family is 

The Mickey Mouse Pocket Moleskine with plain pages (the one on the right)

and the
Yellow Lego Pocket Moleskin with Ruled Pages

I have heard so many positive things about Moleskine and I wanted to get my hands on them. The designs are so minimalistic that it is beautiful. I had a hard time deciding which to get and I chose the Mickey one as I love Disney and the design is just lovely. 
I also could not get resist getting the Lego one as my childhood REVOLVED AROUND LEGO and this is too cute.

Simply can't wait for them to arrive and I will blog more about them when they do!

I hope you have survived my long post on notebooks and I'm sorry if I have bored you! 
All rights, Monday down and 4 more days till the weekends! (:

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  1. Just love this post! I hope you love your moleskines when they come, but I agree about feeling emotionally connected to notebooks! It just doesn't work if you aren't!

    Was also excited to see that you have a commonplace book; I've been wanting to start one for ages!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I'm glad you liked it! Finally, one who shares the same thoughts about notebooks!

      You should start one right now! It makes a world of a difference to your life, I always wondered what I would do without it.