EHOC 14/15

July 27, 2014

Helloooo happy Sunday everybody (:
Haven't been updating because I went for both camp and work!

Anyways, I am truly grateful to have been able to go for the camp because I had so much fun, met so many people and learnt quite a bit about hall life. This wouldn't have been possible if Henry hadn't ask me if I wanted to crash, if Bao Yu didn't help me ask if I could join her OG and if You Hao hadn't allowed me to come. But, somehow it all happened and this lucky girl here got the chance to go for EHOC!! (:

Thank you Bao for serenading with your lovely voice (not being sarcastic, she really sounds lovely), letting me crash with you and for always ensuring I'm okay. All that I want to say is written in the card (:
Thank you Ji Young for providing me with bread, peanut butter and milk so I won't go to work hungry, lending me your towel cause mine is too small and of course, I will miss the things you do when you get high hahaha.
Thank you Rou Hui for being so fun and accepting. Your blur look is quite cute too hehe.
Thank you You Hao for letting me join you guys, for helping me get the shirt, for ensuring I got food and lending me money to get an MC when I was panicking.
Thank you Simon for always answering my whatsapp so that I am constantly kept updated.
Thank you Frosties for the great 3days 2 nights (:

There's tons more people I want to thank, but the list will never end. Just know that anything that you guys have done for me, I do remember and you will always have my gratitude.

It's pictures timeeeee (:
I didn't take much pictures because I missed quite a bit of camp as I still continued to go for work.
Those photos not taken by me will be credited or the photos have a watermark


Presenting to you...
  EMMA FROST a.k.a Frosties!
credits: Desmond

hehe ^^

Eusoff Challenge!! A 5km walk/jog/run that goes past all 5 Halls!
Mainly it's to promote Eusoff as we shout "Eusoff.. Eusoff! Eusoff.. Eusoff!" when we go past the other halls.
But the run felt really good (:
Think of the cool night air and the liberating feeling of running free.

Outside NUHS

Followed by supper, some lepak games and HTHT

Peanut butter and Bread from Ji Young (:

C house a.k.a C-men

Credits: Desmond

Followed by drinking games at night, where pictures will not be posted. As I don't like to drink alcohol, mine was water instead HAHA.

Doesn't Simon look like Ted??!!!

Freshies VS Seniors
Played table tennis with random stuff like shoes, fly swatters, water bottles and paper HAHA

We also played other games too like floorball (the keeper had a mop LOL), tug-of-war, dodgeball (the girl and guy are tied together by a string around the wrists and the guy must protect the girl from being hit)

My highlights done by Baooo (: she's good right!
And Rochelle at the back hahaha

We actually got 4th among all the OGs!! Couldn't believe it cause we were so slack haha

EHOC 14/15 (:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This coming week will be my last week in Eden and it's a bittersweet feeling after working there for 7 months. I will definitely miss the kids and the teachers who have really made my time there bearable and enjoyable. Other than making cards for them, I haven't decided what else to make.

Leave some suggestions if you have any ideas!

HAVE A GREAT LONG WEEKEND and tomorrow is a public holiday! (:

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