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July 01, 2014

Yesterday, we finally got down to collecting our SGC from the GO and also to catch up a little with Mr Teh.

Initially, some of us were supposed to meet at 1.30pm in school, but JY and I was in school early because I ended my driving lesson around 10.30am and it be such a hassle to go home and head out again so I asked if she could come down to CCK earlier. AND SHE DID (:
I was so happy to see her!

And so we headed off towards PJ!

It felt weird for me to be a visitor of the school..
But look! My visitor pass was one of my favourite numbers!

Since the rest weren't here yet, JY and I went to collect our SGCs first.

I don't know why I look so happy here haha!
Plus, I was squinting because the sun was glaring.

While I live, I learn.

Our canteen!

Such fond memories at the grandstand and field~

I missed the field SO SO MUCH.
Couldn't resist lying on it just like what we used to do after trainings last time.
Who cares if the ruggers spit on it.
I wanted to roll around too but I decided against it cause people would think I'm a weirdo sigh.

If you are on the field and you aren't training or playing sports, what do you do?
Of course, our field is the BEST PLACE to take great pics

Doesn't this remind you of TFIOS? 

Really happy to be back in my home (referring to the field)

Jy looking as photogenic as always (:

Look at the things we do HAHA

except that I think I will squish whoever who is carrying me.

Jy and I wanted to take a pic with Mr Teh, but we both forgot..

At least, I got to..

 See my mousey (:

After so long

This is the drink stall auntie who treats me like her own daughter, calling me ah girl, always giving me hugs each time she sees me in the canteen and blows me flying kisses.

 Everytime she sees me, she will call out: Auntie: ah girl ah! 过来让auntie抱抱。Sorry ah auntie很臭 Translate: come girl, let auntie hug. Sorry ah auntie very smelly. But I never thought she stank and even if she did, it didn't matter. And then, she would give me a huge embrace. 

This always made me feel so much better each day when I had to stay back to study in school and when I felt like giving up, she always asked me to 加油. 谢谢auntie, 我会想你

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