Ultimate Games

June 29, 2014

Headed down to Turf City today to support the couz! 
It's his first mixed nationals and today was the second day.

Freakshow Green(White jersey) and Chuckles Ace(Green Jersey)

Freakshow Green

Freakshow Green (Green Jersey)(3rd placing) and ZD(4th placing)

Freakshow (:

Below is the match for 1st and 2nd between Rascals and Shiok

Time Out

And Shiok came in first followed by Rascals with a second!

Look at how tan we both are haha.

Proud of the cuz who played a good game today (: 
I know he feels that he didn't do so well but I think he did fine. Though we both agree that he can definitely do better!

Overall, I'm really glad I went down cause I learnt quite a bit while watching the games. Such an eye-opener watching the Ultimate Clubs play.

Still, I think I will just stick to recreational Frisbee and just enjoy the sport (:

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