Third Driving Lesson

June 27, 2014

The driver on 187 was super courteous, making the effort to greet everyone with a cheerful good morming and have a nice day.
You sure did brighten my day (:

Whoever who reads my posts(if anyone does at all haha), I hope my posts about my experiences on my  driving lessons do not bore you too much.
I blog about it to keep a log for myself and also to allow others to compare their driving experiences with mine and feel better hopefully (:

Okay, so I had my third driving lesson just this morning for 1.5 hrs!

I was feeling a little sleepy this morning but immediately perked up with excitement when I reached the petrol station.

Today was more practice on what I had learnt the past 2 lessons: changing of gears, acceleration, braking, going upslope and downslope, signaling and turning.

New stuff I learnt today: how to stop before a line, how to look before doing a left turn

Stopping before a line
Upon seeing line from distance, release accelerator --> Brake slowly --> When car vibrates, depress clutch fully --> Continue braking slowly and look at line in front --> When line is out of view, look to the side below side mirror.

Going downslope before left turn
Release accelerator --> Intermittent brake --> when car vibrates, depress clutch fully --> change down from 3rd to 2nd gear --> continue pressing lightly on brake and release clutch gradually --> slow down when reaching turn --> Upon seeing 90 degree kerb on left of screen, turn steering wheel 180 degrees to the left --> Look straight ahead --> Return steering wheel to original position (turn back 180 degrees)

There were a couple of things that I got 'scolded' for today:

 - Still stepping on the brake while turning.
- Pressing too hard and too suddenly on the clutch when trying to stop before line = stalling :(
- Slow reaction and not being able to multi-task haha

So if you are reading this and you find these things a breeze, you can laugh at me.
If you have the same difficulties too, then rest assured you aren't alone (:

Nonetheless, my instructor said I was improving!!
I will get better every lesson hehe.

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