Sun, Sand, Sea and Touch

June 18, 2014

Headed down to Sentosa yesterday morning for some much-loved beach touch.

I don't know why, but I was so happy to see Ember. Maybe cause I haven't seen her in forever!! 
Meet my beloved Cappie, teammate and fellow Center (:

Ber (left) and I

It was the first time I was meeting the new batch of J1s and it struck me how time passes. I thought of the time when I first joined Trug and memories of our own beach training, followed by memories of us joining the beach training of our juniors(now J2). This current batch of J1s look rather promising and I hope they will carry on the Rogues legacy and go far(:

Since I'm lazy to type, I will just let the pics do the talking

Sheryl, Rachel, me

Sheryl, Rachel, Me, Yingxue

Hi there :D

Don't you just love fish-eye lenses <3

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