Sports Hub Open House and East Coast Park

June 28, 2014

If you don't already know, Singapore will be hosting the 28th SEA Games come June 2015 at our new Sports Hub!

Today was the second day of Open House at the Sports Hub for the public to explore the place.
Boosting world-class sporting facilities, restaurants and shopping opportunities (H&M, Uniqlo, Forever21 etc.),  the Sports Hub is a playground for many!

Last Saturday, the new national stadium hosted the inaugural Rugby World Cup 10s Tournament!! Sadly, I didn't manage to get the tickets but I am so excited for the upcoming sporting events that will be held there.

Behold our New National Stadium which is an update of our Old National Stadium which opened in 1973, closed in 2007 and demolished in 2010.

I do miss the Old National Stadium, having had my one and only memory of attending the National Day Parade(NDP) there. I think my batch was the last to have the NDP at the Old National Stadium before it closed.

Nonetheless, the update of our National Stadium is in sync with our Nation's endeavour towards a Sporting Singapore and that is something I look forward to very much.

Isn't it cool! You should have a look at the metal supports on the roof, it really awed me.
By the way, it's a retractable roof.


Welcome to my humble abode.

Sorry, I'm this lame hahaha.

I simply could not resist doing jumpshots at such an open space.

Selfie with the little sis and my dad (:

People on stilts! I have always wondered what it would be like to be that tall...
And what happens if they fall flat on their faces?

P.S. I honestly don't know what that black and white guy is suppose to be. The sis says mosquito but I thought he was a spider HAHA.

Your take?

Take a look at their indoor rock climbing wall.
I have always wanted to try rock climbing but never got the chance to :(

For the shoppers (:

And of course, Smoothie King.


After that, we went to East Coast Park for dinner.
Not forgetting, more sand and sea in addition to beach touch earlier this morning.

If I ever do get a boyfriend next time, our dates are gonna be fun stuff like rollerblading, cycling and lots more sports hehe (:

Just look at this cutiepie awww

Please do not think I'm a pedo okay, because I'm not.
Kids are really cute before they turn into annoying brats.
I think my mum had a hard time with me HAHA

I decided to try this duck rice stall as it had quite a few recommendations from those TV shows that go on food hunts. You can see these pasted on the glass in the pics above.

Yup, this is the duck rice.
It was a longggg wait before it was my turn to order.
I didn't think it was anything special, but at least the duck wasn't covered in skin and fats. Plus point (:

They have sambal chili and the one shown in the pic.
Those who know me know that I can't take anything too spicy so I just took the more watery one. I still do like chili.

This chili sauce was NOT SPICY AT ALL and it had that sour lime taste which appeals to my tastebuds, but others may find it too diluted and not what they would like.

Dad also order Rojak, Ice Kachang, Satay Beehoon (not in picture)

The sis got Fried Rice, but I finished half of it for her LOL.
I'm such a pig.

Well, this was laksa that we finished before I even took a pic.

Anyone who wanna go rollerblading, cycling or whatever, please call me along alright!

Goodnight guys (:

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