Splish Splash Splosh

June 18, 2014

Went for an evening walk with my sis cause she was so bored at home. That poor girl has nobody to play with (her friends are coped up at home) and no one to disturb (she says she can't disturb me because I flare up too easily HAHA)
So being a nice soul, I felt sorry for her and agreed to play badminton with her. Sadly, that didn't happen as mum threw our racquets away *cries*
We decided to just go down for a walk to ease her boredom and guess who I met! Clarissa (she's my pri sch classmate) was jogging but we chatted a little (:
Later, sis and I decided to head to the poolside to just chill for a while.
I wanted to just strip off and jump into the pool
However, being the lazybum that I was, I just sat on the chairs and lamented to my sis. It was she who persuaded me to go up and change into our swimsuits. It worked cause she said this magical line,"If you sit her, you are still going to be fat, but if you swim, you can burn some calories=lose fats"
*heads off to change*

Then it's swim time (:

you lookin' at me?

That's all for today!

Nighty nights folks (:

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