Second Driving Lesson

June 24, 2014

Had my second driving lesson today!! 
More time was spent on practicing the changing of gears(heading to third gear now!), acceleration, braking, going upslope and downslope, signaling and turning.

It was still as fun as the first lesson, but there was more pressure because I performed well the first time and so he expected better. Also, I always feel like I disappoint people when I can't get it right and I start to get all nervous and panicky :( Thankfully my instructor is patient enough, though I can sense he gets a little angsty when I used my left foot to step on the brake and that happened twice.

He went,"You secretly take your dad's car to drive is it?"
Me: *shakes head*
He: then where did you learn that from?? Who teach you to use left leg to step on the brake??!!!

I cringed when he said that haha.

Nonetheless, I think it went well today and what matters is that I'm learning and improving (:


Anyone wanna get one for me hahaha!

It was raining so heavily this morning and I happily left house thinking I was well-equipped with my little umbrella. Man, was I wrong.

The moment I stepped out, I got blasted by the wind and rain. Normally, people would go back and get a bigger umbrella right. But, I'm not normal LOL so I continued bravely into battle.

It was fierce, I wielded my sword umbrella with one hand and fought like a true warrior (not like I know how they fought but, this is war), crossing raging currents of rain and soil, sailing over pools of 'Milo'. I made it safely to the LRT station, soaked to the skin with the 'blood' in my shoes, but nevertheless, alive. Oh the satisfaction.

Okay, sorry I don't know what I was writing above hahaha.

Anyways, let me tell you how it really sucks to be drenched when you don't want to be
Really. Especially when you are on public transport and I was shivering in the LRT and on the bus, all the while thinking why didn't I bring along a jacket.

As I got down sadly from the bus opposite BBDC, my saviour appeared!!
She graciously handed me her cardigan because I said I was cold.

Btw, she's my primary school classmate and we were in the same nursery class at St. Joseph Church Kindergarten too. Can you believe it hahaha.

I felt so so grateful because I really would have caught a cold and fallen sick after spending almost 2hrs in the cold. (Driving lesson followed by FTT practice)

After FTT practice, I was sitting outside the room, debating if I should book evaluation straightaway when I spotted Joceleen! She's going for the practice slot after mine (:

Was chatting with her when the girl beside us started leaning in to hear what we were talking about and it was really obvious because she looked up at me when I paused and her body was turned towards us. I don't mean to be rude but I was really uncomfortable and I stared at her hoping that she would turn away and mind her own business because neither of us knew her. BUT SHE DIDN'T.

Isn't it rude to eavesdrop on other's conversations so blatantly?
I don't know, but I wouldn't.

No matter, not gonna dwell on it.
I'm gonna focus on positive things that have come my way.
Keep them coming okay hahaha (:

This is my phone's wallpaper right now, to remind myself that

Have a great day guys (:

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